10 proven tips to mastering lawn service Atlanta

lawn service atlanta

For every homeowner, a green lawn can be considered one of the coveted prizes. Nothing feels better than walking barefoot through cool grass during the summer months. But most of the homeowners are well aware that a beautiful lawn doesn’t necessarily come naturally and hence requires extensive lawn care. Learning how to plant grass and take care of it properly is essential, and with the lawn service Atlantayou will get all the necessary guidance for your beautiful lawn. There are specific tips and tricks which you must follow to master your lawn care service, and these tricks are well discussed in this article.

What are the 10 proven tips for mastering lawn care services?

  1. Creating an edge- instead of buying metal or plastic edging, making a natural edge around the beds is better. Edging is essential in lawn care as it gives a distinct look to your landscape. With a raw edge, it will be easier for long-term maintenance while providing the landscape with more flexibility towards changes.
  2. Use of starter fertilizers- whenever you plant anything, always uses a starter fertilizer as they provide the new plantings with a tremendous boost. Therefore, a good planting technique along with a good starter fertilizer is an excellent insurance policy for your lawn.
  3. Garden tools- invest in good quality garden tools. These may be a bit costly, but each penny spent on them is worth it for your beautiful landscape.
  4. Make mowing easy and fast- to avoid trimming and mowing around each planting, always practice group plantings into islands and beds and mulch them properly.
  5. Recycling of grass clippings- instead of dumping and bagging the grass clippings, always opt for a mulching mower as it will cut the requirements of fertilizers by 30%.
  6. Know and test your soil- the lawn service Atlanta always prefers to test the soil before proceeding with the required job. So before getting into the action, get your soil tested by your state’s university extension service. Soil testing is essential as it will show the current status of your soil and the things it requires.
  7. Start a compost pile- always creates a simple out-of-the-way compost pile in your property. Compost is an excellent source of biofertilizers and provides your plantings with enough nutrients.
  8. To protect soil, add paths- always try to not walk on the soil in established lawns and gardens. With each step, the soil becomes compact, and this compaction leads to difficulty for root growths. 
  9. Mulch as much as you can- mulch are great for maintaining a healthy garden. Therefore, mulch everything in sight with your choice of organic mulch.
  10. Water wisely- avoid watering your plants frequently over a brief period as it will lead to the growth of unwanted fungal diseases and washing the root’s soil surfaces.


Lawns from the most beautiful part of our homes, but sometimes the lawn care Woodstock can be extensive. Therefore it is crucial to learn specific tips and tricks from the lawn service Atlanta for beautiful and healthy-looking lawns.

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