5 Cancer-Causing Foods to Avoid that You Consume Regularly


Cancer is one such disease that if even taken the name of makes you feel very scared and worried for no reason at all. And if we come to hear of a close relative that is suffering from cancer we start getting anxious about the fact that if it can occur to them, it can occur to us too. However, there is no need to go very far to know the cause of cancer. It usually occurs due to the food choices that we make and the occurrence depends a lot on day-to-day habits.

According to the best cancer doctors in Karachi, Cancer has been spreading at a very fast pace and is the second leading cause of death in the world.

In this fast-paced world, it can be seen that nobody has time to cook food from scratch. We post mate or we rely on processed food to fulfill our appetite. However, it is completely our choice to eat certain foods when we feel hungry. I have a list of foods that we consume on a daily basis but are not aware of the destruction that they might cause. Let’s have a closer look to understand better. 

  • Microwave Popcorn

Everybody loves to eat popcorn, but these days the popcorn that we all buy comes in a bag. This bag is then microwaved to make the popcorn ready. But did you know that the bag of popcorn has a product called PFOA? It is said to be a major reason behind causing liver, kidney, and pancreatic cancer.

The butter in the bag coats the popcorn when cooked and the PFOA present in the lining of the bag also makes a coating on the popcorn.

So to consume popcorn healthily, make sure that you cook it in a pot on the stove.

  • White Flour

We always hear that whole grains are really good for health and yes that is true. But if someone tells you to consume white flour that is processed, never think that it’s a healthy option. The processed form of the grain (refined white flour) is considered very unhealthy as it is cancerous in nature.

Along with this the white color of the refined flour comes from the coating of a gas called chlorine. Due to the presence of high content of glycemic index the blood pressure and blood sugar level also go up and disturb the body functions.

  • Canned Food

The consumption of canned foods must be prohibited permanently. This is because of the lining of the tin as it is made up of BPA. It is a chemical that is dangerous for the disruption in the hormones which eventually leads to cancer.

The BPA hormone directly impacts the food present in the tin. This when consumed can cause different types of cancer.

  • Consumption of Alcohol

It is a very well-known fact that consumption of anything more than needed is bad for health. Just like that, alcohol when consumed in excess can be dangerous not only for the liver by putting pressure on the kidneys but also increases the risk of cancer in the mouth, liver, colon, and even rectum.

Try and avoid consumption at all if you want to make sure that you stay away from a fatal disease like cancer.

  • Processed Meat

Processed meat when prepared uses a lot of nitrites and nitrates that are directly linked to cancer. The content of fat present in processed meat is also very unhealthy for the heart and stomach health.

It is always recommended to cut out on red meat. Although it is safe to have 2 to 3 servings in a week. The meats included in red meat are lamb and beef.


Cancer is a fatal disease that can take lives. Make sure that you keep a close check on the habits and food choices that you make on a daily basis. All the foods that can be a reason for the growth of cancer in your body have been mentioned above. However, apart from food choices, there are a number of other factors too that can impact the body in a manner that starts the growth of cancer cells.

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