5 Mobile App Builders that Don’t Require Coding Skills

Every year the number of mobile customers is growing, and the share of mobile traffic on websites is increasing. However, it’s not always convenient to open a browser to order the desired item, view the balance on a credit card, or hire a car for an upcoming trip. The good news is that mobile applications eliminate unnecessary steps. 

Yes, today you can, for example, hire a car from Green Motion Stansted Airport. A hire car has become much more accessible through a smartphone. All you need to do is open the car hire app, fill out the search form, and book it. Hundreds, thousands, and millions of other applications operate on the same principle. 

Do you also want to create an app for personal or business needs? Fortunately, modern mobile app builders make it easy, even if you’re not a programmer and don’t have the required coding skills. Here are some great services for building a new mobile app from scratch.

Appy Pie 

It’s one of the most popular online website builders with over 7 million businesses using it. Appy Pie helps you create basic mobile apps for Android or iOS for free and install them on your smartphone. 

In an application created with Appy Pie, you can: 

  • add in-app purchases and ads; 
  • download e-books or other content; 
  • connect databases; 
  • integrate social networks; 
  • enable instant messaging. 

Appy Pie is suitable for startups, small, and medium businesses. When the application is ready and you want to publish it on Google Play and/or the App Store, the platform will help you with this as well. 

Price: You can use the platform for seven days for free. Then you need to choose the appropriate plan, which costs from $18 to $60 per month. This cost includes service and technical support. By the way, the platform will provide two additional test days after payment.


You can create as many applications as you like on this platform for absolutely free. Whether it’s a service for business or education, entertainment or home, Mobincube has a great background for any application. 

What sets Mobincube apart from other constructors is its flexibility. That is, the constructor allows you to use templates and edit them to create your own style. The number of downloads of new templates is not limited at all. With Mobincube, you can publish apps to Google Play, App Store, iTunes, and Amazon. 

Also, the service developers offer a paid version that gives you even more options. You’ll be able to:

  • create an online store; 
  • place ads inside the application; 
  • detail the design; 
  • add pop-up notifications; 
  • create as many tabs as you want;
  • load large databases; 
  • post video and audio; 
  • specify coordinates on Google Maps; 
  • integrate with Google Analytics

Price: The minimum tariff plan is €35.88 per year or €2.99 per month. The maximum is €1,999.88 per year or €99.99 per month.



It’s a great cloud-based platform that can build and publish applications. Plus, it has a tutorial and hints built into the constructor. After creating an account, you have free access to all service features for 14 days. 

With AppsBuilder, you can edit the design, view changes, and update the app as many times as you want. That is, you don’t have to spend money on re-submitting the application to the store. At the same time, all updates will be available to users within 60 seconds after saving. 

Also, the platform has a template library – AppLibrary and a real-time testing application – AppsBuilder Preview. 

Price: After a 14-day trial period, you need to pay for the application, and select the functionality according to your needs. The minimum rate for an annual subscription is $10 per month. The maximum is $59 per month.


This cloud-based platform mobile application builder has been operating since 2011 and has more than 2 million customers worldwide. With iBuildApp, you can create and optimize a mobile application for all popular models of smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, and Android-powered devices. The builder integrates with the Dropbox cloud storage. 

iBuildApp has many ready-made widgets, templates, and solutions for different types of business, such as clothing shops, restaurants, radio stations, real estate agencies, car services, beauty salons, medical and training centers. The interface is easy to work with. You can combine all the elements, and edit the templates for yourself. 

Price: The free test period is 14 days. The cheapest package covers the creation of one application with an unlimited number of installations. Package price ranges from $59 to $99 per month.

Zoho Creator 

Zoho Creator is great for developing applications that solve internal business problems of companies. For example, it can be a recruitment automation application, and a service for managing sales, orders, logistics, or events. 

Customers can apply ready-made solutions or create their own by dragging and dropping options from a single toolbar. Apps created in Zoho are easy to integrate with PayPal, Twilio, Google Workspace, and Quickbooks. 

Price: You can test the service for free – create one application and be its only user. If you want more options, choose a tariff, which costs from €10 to €40 per user per month.

In addition to the products we’ve reviewed, you can find many other builders. However, we focused on the most popular ones. They make creating apps easy, even if you don’t have any development skills.

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