8 Questions to Consider Guest Posting Services

What do you think about using guest posting services? Make sure you do your research and ask these questions when you are evaluating the vendors.

Do You Provide Your Link Inventory?

Ask the service provider to give you the link list so that you can examine the link before proceeding any further.

If the vendor gives you the list of sites where your link and contents will be posted, make sure the content on the site is pertinent to your business.

The website doesn’t include any metrics if you should inform the vendor that you would like to find a site that is well-known with links, offers excellent content, and so on. 

Are you able to provide samples of the content you’ve written and the Links You’ve Obtained?

Request examples of the links they have secured and the content they wrote to obtain them so you can judge the quality.

They are likely legitimate sellers if the content is well-written, good quality, and beneficial to users.

Does there exist a process in place to assess content?

Continually assess the content to determine its quality:

  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Excellent punctuation.
  • Readability.
  • It adds worth.

If you discover one of these errors, request a correction and ensure that you are content with the work they’ve put out.

How many revisions to Content do You Provide?

Please find out how many changes to the content they will provide in exchange for guest posting.

Typically, sellers will offer up to two versions of the content they create.

If you’re unhappy with the site or content, they provide an alternative location or brand-new range.

Businesses that make customers satisfied can receive regular orders and excellent reviews.

Does the content only include Links to My Website?

Find out whether there are any other websites that they link out for when writing their content or if the content contains links to your website.

There’s nothing wrong with a couple of websites linked to in the text; however, if you are seeing five to 10 websites, your link isn’t going to be as effective if it is the sole hyperlink on the webpage.

Do You Provide 100% Unique Content?

Ask them if they are using Copyscape to ensure that the content does not duplicate in any way.

Search engines appreciate quality, help, and original content. If you notice that your content is duplicated in various places, Ask for original content while taking guest posting services.

If the company does not offer unique content, consider taking your business elsewhere.

Where Should the Link(s) be inserted within the content?

Find the location where you want the hyperlink to be located within the text.

The further you are to where the hyperlink is placed within the text, the higher the quality.

If you notice that the link is included in the footer, this could do more harm than good.

Footer links could set off an alarm for search engines, particularly in the case of a tremendous website.

Can You Provide Case Studies & References?

Always request the case studies and results that have credible references that you can call to discuss your concerns.

The real-time feedback from satisfied customers can choose to work with the vendor easier and increase your confidence in the right vendor best suited for your needs.

Closing Up

If you’re planning to use guest posting make sure you are careful and look for relevant links to your business and not spam websites with keyword-rich anchor text.

Be wary of any seller who does not reveal their inventory or provides hyperlinks that are spammy and so on.

Utilize anchor text that is branded and ensure that your content is informative and beneficial to the end-user. It’s an excellent idea to mark up your links with the link’s attributes to give Google the appropriate signals.

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