April: Stress relief month

Stress, it seems, has become a perpetual problem. Each one of us can relate to the struggle of trying to manage the debilitating stress levels.

If not addressed properly, stress can wreak havoc on our lives. It’s not just a state of mental anguish, but stress also has implications for your physical health as well.

Heightened stress levels have been linked to problems like heart disease, sexual dysfunction etc. It also tends to cause issues with sleep. Moreover, since many people turn to comfort food in times of stress, the risk of weight gain and obesity is also real.

Therefore, it’s vital that we all take steps to remedy, or at least moderate, stress levels in our lives. However, for in some cases, it’s also imperative to visit a Psychologist in Lahore, as the stress either stems from complicated sources, or is not responding to your various management techniques.

Some ways to reduce stress in your life include:


Meditation is a great way to manage stress. The crux of this exercise is to focus on being in the present moment, and to lull the loud noise in your head that is stressing you out.

There are different types of meditation that you can benefit from. There is mantra meditation, in which you come up with a mantra, and then you repeat it continuously when accosted with stress.

Similarly, mindfulness is also a type of meditation that involves focusing on your body in the present, like your breathing etc., as you objectively experience your thoughts. It is as if you are a bystander, and your thoughts are something that you are simply observing, without censure or judgement.

Guided meditation has also gained popularity. It involves forming visual images, using the chants from a guide or a teacher.


When our body is under stress, our muscles also tend to clench. The knots formed then are not just painful, but also cause great discomfort. Moreover, it may also be the case that even though the stress abates, the physical discomfort continues still.

Massage, in such instances, is godsend. It helps in relaxing your muscles so that you get reprieve from the pain. It also helps your body relax, which in turn also has a positive impact on your mind as well.


You would not think of relating painting to stress reduction, but when done right, it can be. The soothing motion of hands, the brush strokes, the coming together of the piece, the quieting of the noise in the head, all contribute towards stress reduction.

A good tip would be to invest in painting kits, that come with the paraphernalia and guide so that you do not have to worry about banal things like supplies and what to draw, but use the time to explore your creative side, and hush the stress in your life.


Reading has been shown to reduce stress, so next time you see your stress levels increasing, go pick a book.

If you are not in the mood to pick a physical book, or don’t have time to read per se, you can also go for e-books and audiobooks. The latter are especially effective as you get to enjoy the book as you do the menial tasks around the house, and do not then have to stress about taking time out for reading.


Yoga helps tackle stress in a variety of ways. The asanas that help in regulating breathing help in curbing stress levels. Moreover, some steps help the body in becoming relaxed. Likewise, yoga also helps the mind in calming down as well.

Seek help

It is high time we normalize seeking professional help when accosted with mental health problems. Therapy and counseling are especially effective when you are unable to manage your stress levels despite efforts otherwise. Hence, consider seeking help from the Psychologist in Islamabad as well.

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