BEST Free Instagram Scheduler To Schedule Instagram Posts In 2022

An Instagram scheduler is a kind of tool or application that allows marketers to make a schedule of their posts by using that tool and it will share automatically posts to the audience on its own. It also provides suggestions of using the right hashtags and also provides analytics access to its user too. Instagram is a huge business marketplace and if you want to get success by using this platform then you need to buy UK Instagram followers and then have to share valuable content on time.

Sharing content on time may not be possible for some time and maybe marketers get stuck somewhere else. To overcome this situation and for the flexibility of marketers, Instagram posts scheduler can be used to post content at right time. What marketers have to do is to choose a suitable time and date for posting and store their content in it. Schedulers will automatically share posts with an audience at right time.

Instagram scheduling tools and applications are used as marketing tools. So before telling you about some best Instagram post schedulers we are going to describe its benefits. It may be enough to take your full attention.

Benefits of scheduling IG posts

  • By using Instagram posts schedulers marketers can save lots of the time that they have to spend to posts content on daily basis. They do not need to come every day and post content on their own just need to create a plan and that’s all.
  • Using these tools can make it easier to publish posts.
  • The scheduler can help to make your posts stick with one color theme that can help to build brand visibility and people easily recognize the brand.
  • By using scheduler brand’s marketers can post content more frequently and that’s why reach more.
  • Also, suggest more attractive captions.
  • Creating a schedule of posts will help marketers to make balance in their posts too.

According to research, 36% of businesses get many benefits by using social media marketing strategies and growing their business on a larger scale. Businesses that do not use these strategies are unable to meet success.

Tools that are helpful for scheduling Posts

Combin Scheduler

Combin is the best tool for individuals as well for startups or small businesses to grow on a larger scale. It is used for scheduling posting and the thing that attracted me to it is that it is totally free. Moreover, It also helps to edit image and resize it according to need and to share specific area. It is used for desktop applications and supports Windows, Mac, as well Ubuntu platforms. Combin interface is user-friendly and it is easy to understand.


  • Combin has key features of editing images, resizing them for the post; allow adding location and user tagging as well. It also provides best hashtags suggestions that are right to use in post to rank it higher and generate more engagements.
  • Its free plan allows users to manage one of the Instagram accounts, 3 Instagram posts. Moreover, the user is able to add 15 stories per week.
  • By purchasing its premium version users can get unlimited posts, stories, hashtags, and user tagging options for their accounts.

Combin Scheduler is not only a post scheduler but it is also using as a marketing tool that helps to improve marketing strategies and increase engagements.


Semrush is a post-scheduling tool that helps users not only make schedules for their posts but also help in more different aspects. It helps to track the marketing strategies of competitors that is beneficial to improve on marketing strategies. It helps to schedule posting for five different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Semrush also helps to edit images before sharing them on social media platforms to make them more attractive. Semrush can boost engagement rates by improving marketing strategies.


  • It helps to make a schedule of posting by working as an automated tool and allowing users to track and check the analytics of posts on all social media platforms.
  • The tool can help to track and analyze the progress of their marketing.
  • It also has a feature that allows users to save posts for the draft to use later.


It is free to use with limited features and users need to buy its paid version to access it full version. It can help to make schedules for posts and is easily downloadable and useful for desktop, mobile, and tablet. People use to buy UK Instagram followers and then use to prefer this tool to target more audience by posting content consistently.


  • Smart schedule features tell marketers to post at the right time so that they can generate more engagements than usual.
  • It has a key feature that helps to analyze content. Help to find content, monitor comments of users, and track the results of their marketing.
  • Like other best hashtags finder, it also has hashtag finder options that help to find the right hashtags for their posts to make them more discoverable to users.



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