Dust 2’s finest grenade placements

best grenade spots dust 2

In Dust 2, you’ll know where the greatest grenade places are and what combo tactic works best for knocking down your enemies. Let’s get started.


You may be forced to confront your opponents in any location. As a result, you must know the optimum grenade tactic for each location. We’ve compiled a list of the top grenade locations in Dust 2. Please watch the video below to understand more about each spot’s techniques.


The T site is the first great grenade spot in Dust 2. Smoke in the doors using B grenades, and look up the right door in the middle. Do a jumping throw right before you jump over the ledge, top shift.

Now, gaze between the doors, at the top, and fire the flash as you approach the point of no return. That flash will appear just beyond the smoke person’s edge. As a result, you can sprint down to gain mid-control.


From spawn, the next best grenade place is smoke Xbox. You need to come to the corner with a classic view model. Now, align the top right corner of your smoke grenade with the awning’s top corner and jump throw.


Smoke the corner flashover is the grenade’s third best location in Dust 2. If you have the best long spawn and want to rush smoke the corner flashover, simply pass the small wall and make sure you’re close enough to not be too wide. Then, with your pointer finger aligned with the dot, leap throw. To smoke the corner, toss the first flash before entering the door and the second light after exiting the second door. Anyone approaching will undoubtedly be startled by the first flash. They’ll be blinded by the second flash if they try to peer wide at the smoke.

Come to the corner and look at the top left of the little rectangle if you’re late. Simply execute a rapid run snap jump throw before returning to the corner, looking at the dot, and throwing the second flash. Anyone in the corner, pit, or plane close to the doors will be blinded by the first flash, while anyone in the corner, pit, or plane close to the doors will be blinded by the second flash.


You don’t want to smoke the cross if you’re doing a long and cat split or if the CTS is around handguns since they can jump through the smoke and kill you. In this case, Smoke CT will be the best option. So, align yourself with the shadow so that you’re parallel to the wall, and then sprint into it. The lineup is crucial since even if you’re a little off, the smoke will be messed up.


If you wish to smoke the cross, align yourself with the barrel and then release your smoke as the garage’s edge disappears from view. So you’re going to line up at the corner and look there, and it’ll bounce.


If you’re at the X-Box grenade location, line up the corner window with a second window and look in the centre of the “Y.” There is a small void. Now, sprint ahead and then let go just as you reach the wall.

We’ll be adding additional technical data to the list soon. Also, let us know where your favourite areas are, as well as which strategies you like. Now it’s time to take advantage of the greatest spots to take out the enemies.

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