How to get Dirtvision on Roku – Complete Guide

Dirtvision on Roku

Dirtvision on Roku: In recent times, people started enjoying motorsports events and started watching it for their entertainment purpose. As a consequence it has gained popularity all over the world.

  •  Moto GP, Nascar etc are some of the famous motorsport events preferred by people around the globe. 
  • Among motorsport events, dirt racing has become people’s favourite in the United States of America. Dirt racing is usually performed on race tracks which are oval in shape that are made up of clay or dirt. 
  • Apart from the US, this dirt racing motorsport is also enjoyed by the people of the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, South Africa, Australia etc. 
  • People watch and enjoy this dirt racing motorsport through some of the available online streaming services like DIRTVision. Let us see in detail about DIRTVision further in this article.

About DIRTVision

DIRTVision is one of the popularly known broadcasting services available online to watch live dirt racing events and is also used to stream historical dirt racing videos. 

This DIRTVision broadcasting service can be accessed by its users by registering to it. It usually comes with a free version and a paid version and the user can pick any of them according to their needs.

Subscription cost of DIRTVision

The DIRTVision application comes with two types of subscription packages. They are as follows:

  • Fast pass subscription – $39/ month.
  • Single-day pay-per-view event – $24.99/ night.

If you need a monthly subscription, you can get the fast pass subscription whereas, if you need to access the DIRTVision services for a single day, you can choose the single-day pay -per-view subscription.

On the whole, to gain access to the services offered by the DIRTVision, the user needs to subscribe to any of the subscription packages available online. Check out: Jailbreak roku

Instructions to register on DIRTVision

To access and subscribe to the services offered by the DIRTVision application, you need to register by providing your basic information to create a user login with password.

The following are the set of instructions for registration on DIRTVision:

  • Firstly, on your personal computer open the official page of DIRTVision.
  • At the main page, you will find an option to register.
  • Now, click the register option.
  • Then, enter all your basic information to create your user login.
  • Finally, click the button “Register”, to complete the process.

Once your DIRTVision user login is created, you can either use its free version or subscribe to any of the subscription packages available online to gain access to its services.

DIRTVision on Roku

  • The DIRTVision application cannot be directly downloaded and installed on your Roku streaming device. 
  • But still you can stream the DIRTVision application services on your television using the Roku device with the help of screen-mirroring option. 
  • In this article let us see in detail on the ways to view DIRTVision application services on Roku using screen-mirroring techniques.

Instructions to watch DIRTVision using Roku device

The following are the set of instructions to watch the DIRTVision application services using the Roku device.

  • First switch on your television.
  • Then, connect your Roku device onto your television.
  • Now, go to the Roku homepage and select the option ‘settings’.
  • Further go to the option ‘system’.
  • There you will find the option screen-mirroring.
  • Switch on the screen-mirroring option and then select the option ‘prompt’.
  • Finally click the option ‘Done’.

Once this is done,you can immediately connect any device with the DIRTVision application to your Roku device using the screen-mirroring option and view its services on your television at the comfort of your home. Check out: Lenox on Firestick

Instructions to cast DIRTVision on Roku using Personal Computer

The following are the set of instructions to cast the DIRTVision application on Roku using a personal computer.

  • First make sure that your Roku device and your personal computer are connected to the same internet connection.
  • Then on your personal computer open the internet browser.
  • Now, select the menu option located at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select the option ‘cast’ to switch it on.
  • Now, select your Roku device name to pair with your personal computer 
  • Finally, you can see that your personal computer screen is visible on your television.

Once this setup is over you can now open the DIRTVision on your computer browser and login to your DIRTVision account to gain access to its services and watch it on your television using a Roku device.


Thus this article helps the DIRTVision users to find ways to view and enjoy the services offered by the DIRTVision on their television using the Roku streaming device.

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