Do you need a Pollution Under Control document for renewing bike insurance policy?

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According to the Insurance and Regulatory Authority of India or IRDA, it is now a legal mandate to possess the Pollution Under Control (PUC) document while renewing bike insurance online or offline. This document serves as proof that the vehicle’s emission levels are under control. Bike owners must always carry this document while on-road.

This mandate was first released in 2018 by the Supreme Court of India. Every bike owner must get an active PUC certificate from a recognised and government-approved testing centre. Discussed below is the importance of the PUC document while renewing bike insurance online in India. Also elaborated are some details about the validity and benefits of possessing a PUC certificate.

What is a PUC document?

The Pollution Under Control certificate proves that the emissions from a vehicle are within the permissible limits. In India, the pollution standards are fixed for all types of vehicles. After a PUC test, the emission centre provides a valid certificate to the vehicle owner. With this certification, one can be certain that the emissions are in line with standard pollution norms and are not harmful for the environment.

It is, thus, legally mandatory for all bikes, two-wheelers and every other vehicle to hold a valid PUC certification for insurance policy renewal.

Why is a PUC test necessary for renewing bike insurance online?

As per the law, the PUC certificate is a mandatory document, and it must be present with the rider at all times when they are driving. Otherwise, there is likely to be heavy fines and other legal penalties. Thus, the PUC certificate is one of the important documents that a rider must have for renewing motor insurance plans.

Another crucial reason the government has mandated PUC certificates is that they help keep the vehicle and the environment healthy. Over the last 20 years, there has been a substantial increase in pollution levels. As a result, the Government was concerned regarding this rise and making PUC compulsory was one of the most effective measures to curb the increase in pollution. Before this mandate came into effect, several vehicle owners did not pay enough attention to the overall condition of their automobiles, which resulted in a significant surge in pollution levels. However, with the PUC certificate getting a mandatory status for renewing bike insurance online, the number of poorly-maintained bikes and cars has also gone down.

Validity of a PUC certificate

Upon purchasing a two-wheeler, the dealer provides a PUC certificate, and it remains valid for 12 months. Once the validity is over, bike owners must get the document renewed from a recognised emissions centre, following which the PUC certificate remains valid for 6 more months. Therefore, the PUC certificate needs to be renewed every 6 months.

Benefits of a PUC certificate for two-wheelers

Some of the significant benefits of having a PUC certificate besides its necessity while renewing bike insurance online are stated below:

Helps stay aligned with healthy environmental standards

Besides being a legal mandate, a PUC certificate also comes in handy. As it keeps the bike owner aware of the vehicle’s environmental safety standards in terms of emissions. As a result, one can remain a law-abiding citizen and help curb pollution to a great extent. Therefore, with the help of a PUC certificate, individuals can remain environmentally responsible citizens besides reducing carbon footprints significantly.

Keeps one aware of the two-wheeler’s condition

According to the law, individuals should renew their PUC certificate every 6 months. Therefore, if the two-wheeler’s emission levels are above the acceptable standards, one can take the necessary steps on time. Consequently, they will always have an in-depth idea about the vehicle’s overall condition, making it easy to renew a third party bike insurance or comprehensive policy.

How to get the PUC certificate renewed for your bike?

One can follow the simple steps discussed below to get the PUC certificate renewed:

1: Identify an RTO-authorised PUC testing centre.

2: Take the two-wheeler to the centre and get the PUC test done by an expert.

3: After the test is complete, the testing centre will draft the PUC certificate. It will contain the details of the emissions levels and be electronically generated.

Hence, it is clear that having a valid PUC document is mandatory as per Indian laws for renewing bike insurance online or offline. In addition, this document is also crucial when it comes to being an environmentally responsible citizen. Not having this document may also attract fines and other legal penalties as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.


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