Dos and Don’ts of Drinking with Coworkers in a Pub

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Whether you are working here in Arlington, TX, or not, we all know that office culture is one of the most important aspects of an office or business. One way to foster good relationships with your coworkers and even with your boss is by bonding with them over drinks. In this article, we are giving you tips on how you can get to know your colleagues more and have a memorable time with them over a pint or two preferably in a good pub or sports bar.

Be Sure Everyone Knows What’s Going On at First.

Do not assume everyone knows when you are going out drinking with co-workers after work on Friday, especially if it hasn’t happened before. Set an agenda ahead of time and send email reminders just in case someone forgets. It does not matter whether you decide on inviting your whole department or just a few trusted friends who get along well with everyone.

In addition, always remember to speak up if you want to go out drinking after work. All it takes is one person in your company who wants to start this new tradition and others will follow suit.

Be Prepared for Others Who Aren’t into Drinking Alcohol.

Do not forget that not everyone likes beer or liquor, which means they might feel uncomfortable when their colleagues propose going out together after work even just for a few beers. Think ahead of time what kind of food you can offer to others who aren’t interested in drinking alcohol. It is best if the sports bar or gastropub you plan to visit also doubles as a grill so there will always be something from the menu available.

Be Careful with Your Alcohol Intake.

Do not drink too much. No one wants to be the person who gets drunk at lunch or does something embarrassing that they would normally never do, especially in front of their boss or staff. That is why it’s important not to overdo it when you’re drinking with your co-workers. If everyone else has two beers and you have five, there is a possibility that people will notice and start to talk. Pace yourself and drink responsibly!

Choose a Good Pub within Your Area.

If you are working in Arlington, TX, it is highly recommended to go for Arlington Irish pubs, sports bar, or gastropub. This makes it easy for you and your co-workers to get there without having to worry about getting too drunk or taking public transportation home. This way, you get to bond with your colleagues and have a good time without having to worry about anything else. It’s also more convenient if you want to go back for another round.

Create Good Conversation.

Do not forget to ask interesting questions that help everyone open up about themselves more. The best conversations are often the ones where people can talk freely and not feel judged by others in the group. Ask fun trivia questions or even personal questions like ‘what is your favorite memory from childhood?’ This will give other people a chance to share their own stories as well! Avoid topics such as politics, religion, money etc because they tend bring out tension among friends who might disagree on various issues.

Bring Food for Everyone at Your Table.

Don’t forget that food also helps break down barriers between coworkers who may be shy around each other or who don’t know each other that well yet. Make sure to order pizza, wings or something else from the bar menu to share with the group and make everyone feel more comfortable when they are together.

Make Sure the Environment is Great for Talking.

Don’t go to a pub that is too loud or one where everyone has to shout over the music in order for their voice to be heard. A proper bar and grill in Arlington, TX should be set up so people can easily hear each other and talk about anything they want without having to worry about what others around them are saying.

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