4 Easy and Effective Ways to Do Guest Blogging in 2022

Guest Blogging

What is Guest Blogging?

It means writing blog posts for other companies’ blog posts promotion. And more specifically, their services’ promotion. If you are not getting it, don’t worry about it. Suppose you have a blog website. You wrote articles on it. Now you ask a person to write related articles and put your blog posts’ links in his articles. We call it guest blogging.

Why do we do guest blogging?

Importance of Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a crucial search engine optimization factor. Search engines work on algorithms. As you know, there are a lot of websites on the internet, so there’s saturation in the online market. The old practice of stuffing keywords in your blog posts to rank them high doesn’t work today. Search engines can even penalize your website if you do so. We use other factors and proper keyword placement to rank our content high.

Search engines support websites that have high DA (Domain Authority). It lets those websites rank with a proper website structure and internal and external links. If a famous high DA website has your website’s hyperlink in its blog post, a search engine will make your website rank better. It conveys to them that you have high-quality content. There are more ways to do guest blogging. We will briefly discuss x ways you can do guest blogging in 2022.

However, if you run a blog or any website and need guest posts to promote your website, you can reach out to companies that provide affordable Guest Post Writing services.

Below we’ll discuss four ways to do guest blogging in 2022.

1. Guest Blogging DIY Method

DIY Guest Blogging is the most less-expensive and accessible method that everyone can do. You can make another website and use it for guest blogging. Just like you work on your website, you need to write articles on this other website. However, it can become very tedious to do many things yourself. Anyway, if you are willing to do it, you can do it. If you don’t want to purchase one more domain and hosting for your guest blog, you can do it free. Some websites like Strikingly let you create websites for free. If you subscribe to their premium package, you need to pay to remove their domain name from your domain name. According to an expert, Strikingly has high DA. And that’s what we need. We can use it for guest blogging.

It’s so simple to make a website with the striking website maker. If you have tried the Wix website making tool, it is similar, so you can make a website for free and use it for free to do guest blogging. If you don’t have enough budget to hire a guest blogger or purchase another website, you can do this.

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2. Look for Affordable Guest Blogging Services

Several bloggers have good domain authority websites. You can contact those bloggers and request them to let you write on their blogs, or they write for you. Whatever way they work. You can find these guest blogging services on freelance platforms like Fiverr. However, make sure the blogger you contact has your website’s same or relatable niche. You don’t want a makeup artist blogger to promote a car washing service.

3. Pitch to High DA Websites

It might seem impossible, but it isn’t. However, getting a high DA website for guest posts or backlink purposes is challenging. You would need to be an excellent writer to do that. It is because you need to write them a letter first. And here, you would need to show your copywriting skills. If your writing skills are excellent, most probably your website’s blog posts would be compelling too. And that’s what can impress those big websites. So, in the end, your content matters a lot.

Moreover, some websites let people write for their blogs. You can avail of this facility and use it for guest blogging. However, ensure that they allow linking your website in their blog posts. However, if you are not a copywriter and are not sure how you can pitch to them, you can hire a copywriter as well. You can find affordable copywriters on freelance platforms.

4. Write Articles on LinkedIn

If you are way too lazy to make a free striking website or have a good audience on LinkedIn, you can use it for guest blogging. You can write articles on LinkedIn and include your website’s link in them. That’s how you can use LinkedIn for guest blogging purposes. According to experts, LinkedIn has good domain authority to help you in guest blogging. Moreover, if you search for a business or marketing-related article on search engines, you would most probably see a LinkedIn article link on the first search result page. However, one drawback of using LinkedIn for guest blogging is that you cannot monetize it. Whereas if you do guest blogging on a website, you can monetize it in several ways, like running ads and affiliate marketing.

Avoid Doing This Mistake in Guest Blogging

You need to write related articles to your main website’s blog posts for guest posting. However, your content doesn’t need to match. Search engine algorithms will detect it, and you would never want that. Therefore, your content must not match your main website’s content. It might sound confusing to you when you hear about writing relatable content but not the same content. However, it’s not complicated. You can easily do it. It will become easy once you try to do it. Your guest blogs aren’t as long as your main website’s blog posts are. Most people write 2500-3000 words on their main website and 1000-2000 words in guest blog posts. However, if you don’t have a blog section on your main website, you can write 4000 words articles for guest blogging. The purpose of guest blogs is to promote your main business by hyperlinking it in guest blog articles.

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