Egypt Travel Guide: Top Activities, Best Accommodations

Egypt has attracted tourists since Romans were first introduced to the country to admire the pyramids and cruise the Nile. The places that dragged tourists across the Mediterranean over 2,000 years ago continue to appear on every trip today. In addition, Egypt is unique in being accessible and a bucket list destination. The remarkable accomplishments of the early Egyptians are undeniably the most accurately known at the top of the list. Keep reading if you’re interested in Egypt travel.

Temple complexes located in Giza’s Valley of the Kings and the pyramids of Giza will impress any tourist. Nile cruises can be as exciting and irresistible as they ever were. Although amazing, these blockbusters will not be the films you will remember most. It’s the smaller memorable moments you’ll have every day in this town, eating the best-tasting fruit from the Nile valley, walking through a forest of date palms, getting invited to use a hookah pipe in an eatery in the area, and hearing the prayer call. At the same time, you gaze at the sunset across the Nile.

What to do

It’s excellent to begin with Cairo. Its pyramids at Giza are situated on its outskirts and must be on your bucket list It’s well worth spending a few days exploring the city by exploring the bazaars and museums and walking the streets that wind through the old city, which housing the Egyptian Coptic Christians. The charming townships along the river, Luxor and Aswan, provide a perfect base to visit ancient sites like The Valley of the Kings. An excellent method to travel between them is by boat, either on the largest cruise ship or a small felucca.

From Aswan, don’t pass up the chance to make an excursion to the two temples listed by Unesco at Abu Simbel, three hours south of Lake Nasser. This entire temple complex was moved in the 1960s to protect it from destruction by increasing the river flow from the Nile. 

After exploring the area, I found that some of the most popular places for R&R are located in the Sinai peninsula to the east of Cairo. There are plenty of Red Sea resorts tempted with activities like diving and snorkeling, guided tours, and excursions to South Sinai that often involve an excursion on a camel and an evening meal cooked over an open flame.

Where can I stay

A wide range of accommodation options are available in the most popular tourist destinations, from family-friendly resorts and international chains to all the amenities you’d want to smaller, locally run guesthouses that haven’t altered in many years. Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and Sharm El Sheikh are where you’ll find the perfect accommodations and the most variety It’s easy to find something that fits your budget and tastes at each of the locations.

If you’re on the Nile, it’s worth investing a bit more for rooms with a view of the river. If you’re into Agatha Christie images, There are some historical hotels that merit your consideration: The Old Winter Palace in Luxor, The Old Cataract in Aswan, and the Windsor Hotel in Cairo.

Among the many, you can expect to discover some intriguing alternatives in the unusual places, ecolodges, and distinctive desert architecture of Siwa in the western part of Egypt. No matter where you go, whether it’s a large resort with hundreds of employees or a tiny family-run establishment, you’re sure to discover why Egypt is renowned for its hospitality.

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