How do I fix my HP printer that prints blank pages?

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Do you have issues with your HP printer? Is it unable to print in color or not printing at all? This is quite common with HP printers, and it can sometimes cause your printing needs to be halted. This issue can be fixed with an HP Printer. Continue reading to learn more about HP Printers blank page issues.

Why is your HP printer printing blank pages? Here are some reasons.

These are the main reasons your HP printer may be printing blank pages.

Do you still have questions about how to fix your HP printer that prints blank sheets? The issue is mostly caused by ink toner, cartridge, and empty ink issues. Continue reading to learn how to fix them. Support for HP printers is available in a matter of minutes.

How to Fix an HP Printer that Cannot Print Pages Solutions

Use Genuine HP Ink Cartridges

Genuine parts can make it easier to use your HP printer. You should only use HP parts, whether it’s ink, toner, or cartridges. This helps to ensure the quality and reliability of your printing devices. You can also check the authenticity of the part through HP’s official site. You can also order a refill or replacement if you are an existing user of HP products.

Verify the Ink Levels

These are some other ways you could try to fix them. How can I fix the HP printer that prints blank sheets? Situation

Check out the Ink Levels

  • To determine the level of ink, you should first check the indicators and warnings on your HP printer. If the indicator shows low ink levels, you will need to replace your ink cartridges to prevent further problems. You can also check the ink levels using the following steps.
  • First, pull up the tray paper from the printer and then load white plain paper into it.
  • Navigate to the Menu section and then to the Setup option at the lower-left corner.
  • Next, click the Right Arrow button and select Tools. Finally, click Ok.
  • To select estimated ink levels, click the Right Arrow button once more and then click the OK icon.
  • If you notice that the cartridges are running out of ink, it is a good idea to change them. However, if they are not low, don’t worry.

Replace the low/empty cartridges

  • To turn on your printer, load the plain pages into the paper tray.
  • Next, go to the cartridge door and open it. Wait until the printer is in idle mode before you click the Continue button.
  • Next, press the down button to release the cartridge. Then, insert a new cartridge and select the pull tab for the removal of the plastic tape.
  • Hold the cartridge with its sides and insert it into the slots according to their color codes until you hear the snap sound. Make sure the icon on your cartridge matches the one on the slot.
  • Next, move the cartridge forward into the slots. Then, repeat the steps to replace other cartridges. Finally, close the cartridge door.

How do I fix my HP printer that prints blank pages? Align your printer

  • Turn on your printer first. Next, ensure that all papers are in the paper tray.
  • Navigate to the Setup icon in the lower-left corner of the control panel.
  • Next, click the Right Arrow to select tools. Click Ok to confirm. Finally, hit the Right Arrow to choose the Align Printer option.
  • Select OK to allow your HP printer to print an alignment page. Then, lift the printer lid.
  • Next, place the page that is printed aligned on the scanner glass.
  • Close the printer lid and press OK to complete the alignment.
  • Wait for the printer’s scan to complete the alignment.

You can also print the pages in backup mode if your HP printer prints blank pages. To clean the printer’s print head, you can use an HP printer-specific automated tool.

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How do I fix my HP printer that prints blank pages? Professional Assistance

If you still have the HP blank page problem and are unable to resolve it, you can contact tech support to get their help. The experts can also provide you with various tools and information that will make it easy to use your printer.

Talk to us about your problem with the HP printer that prints blank sheets. They will help you solve the problem. Book an appointment with HP printer support services to discuss your problem and receive their assistance at your preferred location or authorized service center. The HP customer service is available 24 hours a day.

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