How Does Clomid Work: Treating Infertility


Overview of Ovulation Stimulants:

Drugs fall into different categories. Some are just made to address the issues related to heart complications while some are meant to cure diseases related to infertility. There is a specific class of drugs which is meant for treating infertility issues both in men and women. Such types of drugs or medicines are ovulation stimulants. Some examples of ovulation stimulants include the following:

  • Chorionic gonadotropin or hCG
  • Human menopausal gonadotropin
  • Aromatase inhibitors like letrozole
  • Clomiphene citrate

Ovulation stimulants are basically meant for females who are unable to conceive. These types of drugs causes ovulation in women. But men also use these drugs off label for different purposes. There are a number of people who use Clomid for treating infertility among other medicines.

Overview of Clomid:

Clomid is a medicine which belongs to the group of ovulation stimulants which help females to ovulate. Clomid UK is an oral form of drug taken by mouth. The generic name of this medicine is clomiphene citrate. It is also sold as Serophene in the market. Clomid is prescribed by the doctor to treat infertility. This medicine stays in the body for a long time. Even after several weeks, the traces of this medicine can be seen in the body. It is important to note that those women who suffer from uterine bleeding which is abnormal should stay away from this drug as it can make the condition worse.

Mechanism Of Action:

Clomid works in similar ways to estrogen which is a female hormone and is responsible for the development of eggs. This medicine blocks the estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. This then stimulates the pituitary gland to make more hormones which let the eggs develop in the ovaries. The hormones which are made by the pituitary gland are known as gonadotropins and include luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone.

Any Side Effects Reported:

Some of the side effects of Clomid are as follows:

  • Uterine endometrial lining can thin by using Clomid.
  • Nausea is a common side effect linked with Clomid.
  • Many people report visual disturbances by using this medicine.
  • There is increased risk of ovarian cyst formation.
  • People also report abdominal discomfort after using Clomid.
  • Clomid is also causes hot flashes.
  • There are also reported emotional side effects such as mood swings etc.
  • Females also report breast tenderness.
  • Another side effect of Clomid is dizziness.
  • Stomach bloating.
  • Upset stomach.
  • One of the major and serious side effects of Clomid is ovarian cancer.
  • There is a risk of multiple pregnancies.
  • Hyperstimulation of ovaries.
  • Ovaries may enlarge as well by using Clomid.

Benefits Of Using Clomid:

Clomid provides a number of benefits which are as follows:

  • This drug is effective in treating menstrual abnormalities.
  • The lumpy and painful breasts also known as fibrocystic breasts can be treated by Clomid.
  • Apart from its use in men, Clomid is also effective in treating male infertility.
  • The constant production of milk is an issue which can be cured by using Clomid.
  • Low sperm count in men can be brought to normal levels by using this medicine.
  • Athletes use Clomid to get rid of the adverse outcomes of anabolic steroids.
  • Many athletes also use this medicine to stimulate the production of testosterone naturally in the body.
  • For timely restoration of hormone levels bodybuilders use this drug so that their muscle mass can be preserved.

Dose Of Clomid:

The dose of Clomid is determined by your fertility doctor. Normally the dose of this drug comes in 50 mg strength. Mostly the people are started on a dose of 50 mg to 100 mg. And if no symptoms of ovulation occur, the dose is increased by 50 mg. The more the dose of Clomid is increased, there are more chances for ovulation to take place. Normally a dose of 150 mg is enough for ovulation to occur. If a female still does not ovulate by taking 150 mg of Clomid then the doctor can increase the duration of Clomid or increase the dose of this drug or the doctor can also go for multiple ovarian cystotomy. In some cases, the doctor may also add another medicine.

Where To Buy Clomid?

Although Clomid can be purchased easily over the counter or online, one must remain careful while making such purchases as there are a number of risks attached with buying Clomid from unknown sources. The drug may be fake, ineffective and unsafe for personal consumption. And there are high chances that such drugs may contain ingredients in wrong amounts.

Clomid Use In Men:

Although ovulation stimulants like Clomid are specifically meant for women, men also use it as an off label medicine to treat problems of infertility. Those men who suffer from low levels of testosterone Custom Boxes. Initially the fertility doctor carries out a number of tests to look for the actual cause of infertility as there can be a number of reasons for this. After a serious of tests the doctor prescribes the medicine to be used in proper doses. In men, Clomid can cause a number of side effects like male pattern baldness, mood changes, irritability, changes in sexual drive and aggravation of already present prostate cancer.

Other Ways Of Treating Male Infertility Apart From Clomid:

There are a variety of other ways by which the levels of testosterone can be improved in men by improving the sperm count. A number of supplements are available easily which are known as fertility supplements like folic acid, vitamin D, selenium etc. which are effective for treating infertility. Apart from this, a proper well balanced or healthy diet which contains right amount of nutrients is also important for treating infertility. Some oral medicines like Femara and anastrozole are also effective for this purpose. Some men instead of taking oral forms of infertility drugs may also go for fertility injections like human chorionic gonadotropin etc. For more effective results, males may also use human menopausal gonadotropin as a treatment instead of HCG.

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