How to Export Outlook Emails to Gmail?

transfer outlook emails to gmail

To export Outlook emails to Gmail, you must enable IMAP in Gmail. Then, add your Gmail account to Outlook. You can do this by going to File > Account Info and selecting the Gmail account. Next, open the Gmail application and select File > Open & Export > Import/Export from another program. Then, select the file you downloaded earlier and wait for the process to complete. Sign in to your Google account to check your imports.

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Steps for Export Outlook Email to Gmail

If you want to export Outlook Email to Gmail then there are types which are: 

First way to Export Outlook email to Gmail

  • To import your Outlook files into Gmail, open the File tab, click on “Open & Export” and choose a new folder. 
  • Then, click on the ‘People’ icon in the bottom pane. 
  • Now, your Outlook contacts are imported into your Gmail account. 
  • If you have several email accounts, you can use the Gmail account to store your old and new ones. 
  • After the import, you must set up forwarding rules for each of them to make sure they will be forwarded to your Gmail account.
  • Next, right-click each email and select ‘Move to’. Once you have selected the folder, you can go to the ‘Copy to Folder’ menu and choose ‘Export to Gmail’. 
  • After you’ve done that, you can resume working in your Gmail account while the import process is underway. It might take a few days depending on the volume of emails.

Once you have downloaded and installed Outlook, you will need to export your emails. You can export your contacts and calendar to Gmail as well. You’ll need a PST file if you’d like to import emails to Gmail from Outlook. Then, you’ll need to export your emails from your Gmail account to Outlook. You’ll need to sign in to your Gmail account in order to export emails from your Outlook.

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Alternative Way to Export Outlook email to Gmail

  • Once you’ve done that, you can import your Outlook messages into Gmail. 
  • Using a file importer is a great way to get your messages in one place. This process will ensure that you have all the important information that you need. 
  • You won’t need to spend hours manually adding every contact.
  •  It’s easy to migrate from Outlook to Gmail. 
  • When you’re ready, follow these instructions to make the process as simple as possible.

Once you have your Gmail account, you can import your Outlook emails into it. To do this, you need to have the Microsoft Outlook software installed on your computer. You should configure your Outlook user profile as POP3 in order to import emails from Gmail. You can also use a third-party email client to import your messages from Outlook to your new Gmail account. So, if you are using the Gmail client to access your Outlook emails, it will be easy to switch.

Another way to Export Outlook email to Gmail

  • To export your Outlook emails to Gmail, you need to download a tool. 
  • The tool will allow you to upload your Outlook emails, contacts, calendars and other files.  
  • If you have a large number of emails, you can export them to Gmail using the migration tool. To migrate multiple files, you’ll need to download several MBOX files to Gmail.
  •  You’ll need to install the application on your PC.To import your emails from Outlook to Gmail, you need to install Outlook on your computer.
  •  Then, you can open the Gmail mail server and import your emails directly to it. You should have a compatible mail server, so you’ll need to configure your user profile to POP3.
  •  To import your Outlook email messages to Gmail, you must first create a POP3 account for the exchange.

Once you’ve downloaded the Outlook app, you’ll need to set up automatic email forwarding to Gmail. Then, you’ll need to download an IMAP file for your Gmail account. You’ll need to set this up before you can transfer your emails. Once you’ve setup your automatic email forwarding, all you need to do now is follow the instructions in the Gmail settings.

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