How to Use Social Listening to Solve Problems and Generate Leads

If you’re in the business of marketing, not just in social media, but at all, you should be using NetbaseQuid. It can help generate leads and solve problems by using social data to provide solutions to the industry’s most pressing issues. This blog post will go over how to use social listening to solve problems and generate leads.


1. Crafting Content

NetBase is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to harness the power of social listening media data. With NetBase, you can dig deep into almost any social network or consumer review site imaginable. It provides intuitive search, discovery, and filtering tools for its users.


The search function is by far the most vital part of NetBase. You can search for any keywords and topics related to what you’re trying to accomplish in the simplest form. For example, suppose you’re trying to find answers to customer service questions. In that case, it will let you filter out answers based on business phone numbers because it can automatically pull in answers from any public social listening media outlet that shares information about the topic.


2. Competitive Insight

If your business is trying to get into a new business segment or you’re looking to find allies within that segment, NetBase can show you the most relevant and potentially valuable data on the market. Using NetBase’s competitive insight feature will allow you to see who’s talking about your competition and how your competition interacts with the social web. For example, if you are trying to get into the dog food industry, you can look at your competitors in general and see how they interact with customers. This way, you can identify what they do better than your business and how your business can be different in that sector.


3. Keywords

This aspect of NetBase is beneficial if you find industry trends, facts, or figures. You can search for trending topics in social listening media, keywords, and public forums across various industries. Using this feature can help you identify the trends in your industry more quickly.


4. Lead Generation

This is among the most useful tools that NetBase gives its users. By leveraging its advanced search and query language, NetBase can pull in and display the most relevant information about your industry and the people in it. This information can help you find partners, customers, and advocates. It can be super helpful when looking to find people who are interested in your niche.


5. Customer Support

NetBase is just as useful for customer support as it is for lead generation. You can analyze social listening media sentiment data to help you spot trends in your support calls. You can also see which keywords are being searched for by customers to find trouble tickets, where customers are looking for trouble tickets, and how many potential customers are not contacting your support team because they’re not hearing back from you.


6.SEO Strategy

NetBase can be used to help brands or businesses build brands, generate leads, and take advantage of their communities. For example, if you’re looking to improve your company’s SEO strategy, NetBase can provide your business leads. The platform is set up with all the tools marketers need to conduct great competitive analyses and develop strategies for producing leads. It also provides insights into what customers are saying about you online. Using NetBase’s SEO capabilities, you can turn these leads into a customer base that integrates your brand into the social web.



NetbaseQuid has all the tools you need to solve social media problems and generate leads. It is set up with information providers, data sources, and advanced analytical tools that make it easy to craft competitive analysis, perform SEO analysis, generate leads, and more.



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