Is It A Sports Broadcast? It’s Like A Joke Entertainment

The Tokyo Olympics, which had a lot of talk and a lot of wear and tear, started. However, the controversies related to the Olympic broadcast that arose from the opening ceremony led to various other controversies. It’s a broadcast that hasn’t changed much from the past, but why is there so much controversy?

Controversies pouring into the broadcast of MBC’s opening ceremony

Perhaps it was the first non-conceptual broadcast in Olympic history. During the broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, MBC put a photo of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the Ukrainian athletes entering the stadium. It was absurd to include an introductory photo of the worst nuclear accident in 1986, where the scars still remain.

Russian broadcaster Ilya, who appeared on JTBC’s ‘Abnormal Summit’, expressed her anger on Twitter. “While making this subtitle, the person in charge who thought, ‘Oh? Are you okay?’ put it?” he wrote.

However, this inappropriate broadcast was not a mistake.

The broadcast of the opening ceremony was also filled with photos and materials that were outside of common sense. When the El Salvador team entered, they included a photo of Bit coin (El Salvador adopted Bit coin as a legal currency for the first time in the world, and there are protests in their country.) Subtitled introduction was attached. In the introduction screen to the Marshall Islands, the phrase ‘Once an American nuclear test site’ was inserted. This is not a mistake; it is a non-conceptual disaster, not a broadcasting accident, but a disaster close to a broadcasting disaster.

This catastrophe led to a devastating blow.

Criticism of being an international disgrace was poured out regardless of domestic and foreign media, and foreign media such as the New York Times, CNN, and the British Guardian also gave sharp criticism. However, this was the beginning, not the end, of MBC’s Olympic 스포츠중계 controversy. The very next day, during an advertisement for a soccer match between Korea and Romania, the caption, ‘Thank you Marin, own goal’ was inserted as if mocking Romanian Marius Marin for scoring an own goal. Viewers criticized it as a mockery of the opposing team that went against sportsmanship.

In the end, MBC president Park Seong-jae held a press conference and made an official apology. He bowed his head, saying, “In the context of the global corona disaster, we made a broadcast that undermined the Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity and unity of the people of the earth.” However, he expressed ambiguous expressions about the circumstances and the follow-up measures.

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“It is judged that there is a problem with the basic recognition of norms and the content review system, which cannot stop at disciplinary action against certain production crews.” He promised to find out the cause and hold accountability, but the word ‘system problem’ left something unsettling. was that so MBC’s broadcast accidents continued to erupt after that.

When Judo athlete Ahn Chang-rim won the bronze medal, the MBC caster made an inappropriate comment, “It’s not the color we wanted.” When soccer, baseball, and volleyball were played at the same time on the 31st of last month, when only the volleyball match between Korea and Japan was won, the wrong subtitles were inserted to create malicious misunderstandings. In an interview video with Kim Yeon-kyung on that day, Kim said, “Thank you. I’m more proud of it,” but it was in response to a reporter who said, “I gave hope to the people through the Korea-Japan match.” However, the subtitles read, ‘I lost soccer and baseball and only won volleyball?’ It seems that Kim Yeon-kyung answered that she was more proud of winning only volleyball.

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