Microsoft Certified Professional: AZ-303 Exam Helps You Build Your Career

AZ-303 Exam

It is a universal fact that the certification exams aim to provide the professionals the means/techniques to upgrade their skills and grow in their careers. Such certifications help by testing their domain knowledge and provide them the chance to get validation from a renowned vendor. It is especially true for the exams that Microsoft conducts.  

We will cover, in this blog, one of the most famous Microsoft AZ-303 exams. Here, we will clarify your doubts, if you have any, and give you better clarity of what this test means and how valuable it is, and its credentials.

What Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Details Should You Know?

It is essential to have a strong IT professional background before you think of Microsoft certification exams, and it means you need to know data platform, security, and networking, among others. You require solid knowledge and structuring skills and the execution of Microsoft Azure solutions.  

Suppose you are a non-technical person but interested in gaining insight into cloud security solutions, data platforms, and other similar topics. In that case, you should begin with the first level of certification, AZ-900. To prepare for this, you can easily find questions and mock tests on several AZ-900 dumps that help provide all the essential knowledge about Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. To prepare yourself for leadership positions, you need to validate your knowledge through the Microsoft certification training that makes you better equipped to manage challenges and make you more productive. 

Which exams should I take? Confused between AZ300, 301, 303 and 304

It is slightly tough to decide which exams you should consider. The new ones are AZ-303 and 304, whereas the old exams were AZ-300 and 301. There are two phases, and you need to complete one exam from each one to get the certificate. 


Exam Choices: 

  • AZ-303
  • AZ-300

This part of the Microsoft certification course emphasizes ensuring that you have relevant experience to be able to work in Azure settings. It ensures that you make decisions that are intelligent in the subsequent stage as you would have enough understanding of how the different Azure services function. 


Exams Choices: 

  • AZ-304 
  • AZ-301 

In this certification stage, the focus moves towards major design decisions that you need to take in reality with the application group. It focuses more on real-world situations. 

Successfully clearing an exam beginning Stage 1 and then Stage 2 will get you the certificate. It is possible to combine the old and new exams. To illustrate, you could take AZ-303 plus AZ-301 or AZ-300 and AZ-304. It might appear confusing at first, but Microsoft purposefully did this to let aspirants who have previously cleared one of the old exams associate it with the newer versions.  

AZ-303 Examination Pattern

Four major areas are:

  • Implement and monitor an Azure infrastructure. This portion constitutes nearly half of the portion of the exam.
  • The next part of the exam, comprising roughly a one-third portion, is Implement management and security solutions.
  • Between 10-15% of the exam portion consists of Implementing solutions for apps. 
  • The remaining 10-15% of the exam contains questions from Implement and manage data platforms. 

Tips You Should Follow While Preparing for Microsoft AZ-303 Exam 

To prepare yourself fully, you need to ensure that all the resources are available. Microsoft online courses through their learning portal for AZ-303 exam: A perfect starting point for AZ 303 exam preparation. This portal provides highly reliable study material for the exam. All necessary updates, such as price change, exam dates, etc., will first appear here on this portal. 

  • Online courses or get Instructor-led training: Entire training options contain six segments for the AZ-303 exam preparation. These training modules may vary from one country to another. 
  • AZ-303 books and references for the Azure certification exam: There are not enough resources or AZ-303 books to prepare for the Azure certification exam. Still, if you come across a similar book relevant to the exam, verify its genuineness using seller information and customer reviews.

  • Study Groups & Forums: Several Microsoft forums help aspirants prepare for the certification exam. Some of these forums have AZ-303 exam candidates.

  • AZ-303 Practice Tests & Simulators: Candidates can take sample tests that Microsoft artificial intelligence provides for most of their exams.


Organizations are moving to Cloud from their existing infrastructure by employing Microsoft solutions. Therefore, this requires someone with solid knowledge and expertise in this field. Most sectors, such as banking, education, health, and many others, are shifting to Cloud computing and are using Microsoft Azure technology. 

Due to this ongoing shift, demand for Cloud architect experts is increasing. Passing the Microsoft AZ-303 exam means gaining access to better opportunities. According to the PayScale salary report, an AZ-303 certified processional can draw an average salary of $120,559 per year. So, if this attracts you, then start preparing for the exam. 

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