4 Qualities That You Want in Online Radon Courses

4 Qualities That You Want in Online Radon Courses

You’re thinking about entering the profession of home inspection. That means learning quite a few things, including how to manage radon testing. The best way to proceed at this point is to check out options for online radon courses that will teach what you need to know. As you evaluate options for those courses, make sure the following four qualities are present.

Only Nationwide Certification Will Do

The last thing that you need is to invest time and money in courses that will not aid you in obtaining your certification. The best approach is to go with a program that is fully endorsed by the National Environmental Health Association’s National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP). Doing so is a good idea for initial classes, but also good for those who want to continue their education after entering the field.

This level of instruction can open doors for you that would otherwise be closed. In terms of employment opportunities, employers often require the successful completion of NRPP compliant courses. You may also find that having these classes under your belt will make it easier to advance after you do find work in the field.

Easy Access to Course Materials

The best courses make it easy for students to access all the materials that will be needed over the duration of the class. That includes anything that you may need in the way of printed material, but it also means easy access to electronic documents. If those are housed in a central repository and you are able to be granted access, that’s all the better.

Keep in mind that online courses of all sorts tend to lean more toward the use of digital resources these days. That’s good for you, since it’s possible to download and save them immediately after you’re granted access. There is no problem waiting for physical copies to get to you through the mail or spend time driving to local outlets to pick them up.

The Ability to Communicate With Instructors

Many sessions for those online radon courses are prepared in advance and do not allow for immediate interaction between students and instructors. When this is the case, make sure that the instructor has periods set aside throughout the week to engage directly with students. It also never hurts if there’s some sort of message board or group set up for the instructor and the students to interact.

The goal is to ensure that you have the chance to ask questions in both private and group settings. By making sure these options are included, it’s all the easier to get the most of each class and feel better prepared for your new career.

Flexible Scheduling That Works For You

One of the great things about online learning is that lectures are often prepared in advance. Students are given a time frame to virtually attend them and receive credit for that attendance. You may have several days in which to log attendance in a given class. That’s great when you’re taking courses while continuing to work full time.

Some courses are set up so that students must log in and attend sessions in a specific sequence. You can’t move on to session 3 until you’ve completed session 2. That helps you to remain organized while still allowing some flexibility in when you actually view the sessions.

Choose your radon courses wisely. If there’s any doubt about what to take first and how to proceed, talk with an advisor. You’ll soon have a plan in place and be ready to begin learning all about your new profession.


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