Possible Factors that Influence Intercity Shifting Cost

Factors that Influence Intercity Shifting Costs

Packers and movers charges in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, or other major cities in India can range in between Rs.3000 – Rs. 50,000 or even more depending on your moving requirements as there are many possible factors that influence intercity shifting costs.

Moving Companies calculate their charges considering a few things. Those things could be anything from the number of your goods to the distance between the source and the destination. But always remember that the charges will vary from company to company.

Packers and movers in India provide a wide range of moving and shifting services hence, their charges depend on the type of shifting you need. Similarly, there are many other things that affect packers and movers charges or due to which the cost of intercity relocation service varies.

Here in this article, we will be sharing all the common factors that could influence packers and movers charges for intercity shifting services.

With this, you will get an idea of how much moving companies could charge you and what are the things that could affect their prices.

Common Factors that Affect Intercity Moving Quotations

Distance to be covered

One of the primary factors that affect packers and movers charges for a long-distance move is the distance to be covered by the movers.

Moving agencies will consider the distance between the source and the destination to determine the shifting cost. Most companies charge as per kilometer basis for long-distance moves, for ex- Rs. 20 /km. But the rate depends on the type of moving agency you are hiring.

Type of shifting service

Household shifting, commercial shifting, shop or showroom shifting, car transportation, and bike shifting are the types of relocation services provided by any reliable moving agency.

While packers and movers estimate for shifting cost, the type of shifting service you need will be considered by the movers and packers which will impact moving costs. Moving companies calculate the charges based on the type of shifting service.

Quantity and size of the shipment

You might be moving with 1BHK goods, 2BHK goods, or 3-5 BHK goods, but the moving companies will charge based on the number of your goods. Suppose the cost of 1BHK shifting is Rs. 20,000 from Pune to Delhi then the cost of 2BHK goods shifting from Pune to Delhi will be approx. Rs. 35,000. This happens because the workforce increases, packaging materials and the size of the truck also increase.

Always remember the less you will carry the less you will be charged. This means to reduce the moving cost you will have to reduce the number of your belongings. Because depending on the size of the shipment the number of packaging materials and the size of the truck will be decided. If the goods will be more, the expenses will be more.

Value-added services

Moving agencies offer a wide range of relocation services. But not all the services are included even in complete household shifting services, you will have to pay extra for a few types of services such as dismantling furniture, unpacking, and rearranging stuff. These services are known as value-added services, which means you will be provided such services after paying an extra amount.

It’s always better to discuss these things with your movers before finalizing everything because this will impact the final moving charges.

The difficulty of the job

You will have to understand that the job could be even tough for the experts. So, the difficulty of the job depends on which floor to floor you are moving. Whether there’s a lift facility in your building or not, the movers will have to climb the stairs carrying the goods, lifting heavy items that require any special equipment to handle them, or other existing hurdles come under the category of difficult work.

If the mover will face a lot of difficulties or challenges to pack and move your goods and shifting them in your new house then they will increase their fees or charges.

Moving time

Most people prefer to relocate in the summer season when their children are not busy at school and they get more free time. Apart from this people relocate on weekends because they don’t have to take leave from their work or office. But these are the times when the movers remain busy. Most people opt for residential move on these times. So, the movers get busy and may charge higher moving fees.

The time or season of your move also affects packers and movers charges hence, plan wisely.

Transit insurance

While moving to a long-distance place the movers provide basic liability coverage. Usually, such basic coverage is provided free of cost by professional movers. But you can modify the transit insurance by covering all your shipments. But the charges of transit insurance depend on the type of insurance plan you have purchased for the safety of your possessions. Thus, the shifting cost will be affected by the price of the insurance plan you have chosen.

Packers and Movers Company you have selected

One of the major cost affecting factors of packers and movers services is the company you have chosen. The reliable and renowned moving companies determine their charges considering their brand value. They know that they are not going to degrade the quality of their services hence, they cost you a bit higher than the other agencies.

If you have hired a renowned moving company to relocate your house, then the moving company will consider their market reputation or the company’s brand value. Also, consider the quality of the service they will provide you.


With this now it is clear that every extra service will charge you extra. There could be certain circumstances when it becomes necessary to use additional services. But it’s up to you to decide whether you need that service or not. But your move can become a lot easier if hired complete packers and movers in India for your move. They will handle everything from packing and moving to unpack and rearranging your stuff.

And if you are in urgent need of packing and moving services, then rely on Moving Solutions to get instant quotes from top verified packers and movers all across India.

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