The Best Loans For Home Renovation

The boom in home renovations is a reality. Of course, when it comes to carrying them out, we don’t always have the necessary cash to do everything we want. Is it a good idea to ask for loans for home renovation? What options are there? Discover them!

Best loans for home renovation in 2022

Doing a home renovation is not always optional. Over the years, everything breaks down and we need to change it to enjoy optimal comfort and quality of life. In addition, a good reform can make you save in the long term, especially if you invest in insulation and change the windows of the house with the aim of making it more energy efficient.

The reforms are booming because they are an excellent investment. If you want to gain in quality of life, put the house completely to your liking or even reform to sell or rent, loans for home renovation allow you to enjoy your money now, without having to wait years and years to have it saved.

These are some of the best options at the moment:


Banco Santander offers 대출 for home reform that are linked to the contracting of loan protection insurance. The interest ranges from 5.95% TIN (9.19% APR) and can be financed up to €80,000 to be repaid in 72 months. We also have an opening commission: 1.5%.

It is one of the highest interest rates, but it has the advantage that it allows access to a high amount, to be able to carry out practically any type of reform without having to deprive yourself of anything. However, for that amount, the return period is tighter.


With the loan for the renovation of your home you can carry out renovations in your home to make it more comfortable, to change its aesthetics and turn it into a new place, to condition a specific room or to improve it for a possible sale. Whatever the final goal, at BBVA we help you achieve it with this loan that ranges from €3,000 to €20,000, from 3.75% fixed NIR (3.98% APR) with payroll or pension paid directly into BBVA for up to 4 .75% fixed NIR (5.02% APR) without salary or pension paid directly into BBVA, to be repaid in up to 96 installments (8 years).

In addition, if you so wish, it will not be necessary for you to provide any type of financial documentation when you apply for this loan to renovate your house, since us, in a secure and anonymous way, will contact your usual bank to consult your economic data, using your own access keys. This will allow us to make this loan available to you for the reform of your home in approximately 8 working hours and in the account that you choose.

Younited Credit

This company has a loan for reforms with an interest rate from 1.83% (2.99% APR) and allows up to 40,000 Euros to be repaid in a maximum of 72 months. It has no links.

It is an interesting financial product considering the low interest rates. The figure is not enough for a comprehensive reform but it is for a partial one or in cases where part of the money from the reform has been saved. The return period is not one of the highest.


ONEY makes a personal loan available to users with interest from 5.95% TIN. They only require the contracting of payment protection insurance and they give up to a maximum of €30,000 and to be repaid in a maximum of 84 months.

If you have a good part of the money from the reform saved, it may come to you with this amount. It can also be interesting in the case of partial reforms.


The orange bank offers customers a product with an interest rate from 3.99% NIR (4.06% APR) and can request up to €60,000 to be repaid in a maximum of 84 months. The main drawback is that they require becoming a client of one of their accounts without commissions, so unlike the previous ones, it has this type of link. Otherwise, they are interesting features.


Within the main loan companies, Cetelem offers a personal loan focused on home renovations that are closer to the needs of users who need to ask for all the money for the reform and return it in a long term.

In this case, we have an interest rate of 6.95% NIR (7.18% APR) and you can request up to €60,000 to be repaid in a maximum of 96 months. In the case of amounts less than €10,000, there will only be 60 months to return the money.


Banco Sabadell makes the Expansion Loan available to customers, starting at 8.75% NIR and 9.42% APR. You can request a maximum of €60,000 to be repaid in a maximum of 96 months. We highlight the issue of commissions, which is 2.5% for opening and 0.5% for the study. It is also valid only for clients with a minimum seniority of 6 months; it is required to contract the total loan protection insurance and direct payroll.

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