The ultimate lock installation checklist

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Undoubtedly, smart locks are considered one of the most brilliant and valuable inventions in security technology. With the smart lock installations, now the homeowners can easily lock their doors with just a single touch and will receive notifications whenever their door is unlocked with the required access to the features remotely. Also, with the help of a professional locksmith Roswell, these smart locks can be paired with other great security systems, such as the video doorbell systems, as an ultimate entry point for your security packages. But before you consider the installation of these smart locks at your home, there are certain few crucial factors that you need to consider. 

What are some of the checklists you need to install smart locks at your home?

  1. Ensuring the proper door alignment of your smart lock system- to avoid any complications while locking your doors with an automatic feature, it is crucial to ensure the perfect alignment of your smart lock so that the bolts of your door are easily inserted into your doorframe. Several homeowners are used to a very poorly aligned lock system, which might require the individual to pull their doors either upward, downward, or towards their direction while twisting their bolt, which will eventually make it difficult for them to lock or unlock their door remotely as it requires manual efforts to work correctly.
  2. Take measurement of your doors- generally, the smart locks are designed in such a way in which they properly fit the standard door size. Still, it is crucial to take the measurements of your doors just in case they will exceed your typical standard measurement. If your door came out to be thicker than the regular door model, then the installation might require additional tools such as an extended door kit. With the help of a professional locksmith ( Roswell), the professional installation of your doors might be a better option for people who are not comfortable enough to install their additional door components.
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions in their general order- it is crucial to follow the directions provided in their proper order while installing an electronic security system such as the light switch, lock, or smart thermostat. Typically several people get ahead of themselves and end up installing the batteries prematurely in their smart lock systems. These premature installations might later result in problems when attempting to pair the required products with Alexa home devices and connecting them with mobile devices for remote access. 
  4. Carefully choose your door handles- before you select the door handle, it is crucial to consider the fact that how often you are willing to allow someone into your home during your absence and whether you want to get rid of a physical key or not.


Smart lock systems are one of the most brilliant inventions in security technology. Still, there are specific tips and checklists which you must consider before you get your installation of smart locks at your home. Also, it would help if you always got your smart locks installed by professional locksmith Atlanta Or Locksmith Roswell for more professional installations.

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