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Despite the odds of being a volatile asset, cryptocurrency has gained huge traction in the popularity of its use around the world. And this has led to the growth of career opportunities for new aspirants looking for lucrative blockchain jobs. Most of the investors are from the young generation considering Bitcoin as digital gold and a safe haven at times of inflation. 


Besides that, they also consider it as a fine asset class that can result in more profits in comparison to regular stocks and other investment opportunities. To prove this point, there are many big companies like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, BMW, Home Depot, PayPal, Whole Foods, Newegg, Overstock, Etsy, and more. And now it has got legal acceptance in India with the passing of a new cryptocurrency bill in the budget session. 


Witnessing the rising popularity of cryptocurrency has paved the rise of several job opportunities for various roles in the crypto and blockchain firms. These jobs require new aspirants to be well-equipped with the knowledge of blockchain technology, and other things related to crypto space. 


Top 5 blockchain jobs for 2022

The lack of adequate man force in the blockchain domain results in disturbance in the chain of demand and supply. And this breeds the golden opportunity of jobs with higher incentives. Today, we are going to list down some of the top blockchain jobs and other crypto-related careers that are going to become more prominent in 2022. 


Blockchain legal consultant

Blockchain legal consultant is one of the top lucrative jobs one can check out in 2022. Now if you want to take up this job, then you are supposed to be acquainted with in-depth knowledge of all the legal criteria and the consequences. Many firms have been looking into the need of hiring efficient blockchain legal consultant jobs. 


Akin to other technology, blockchain has to transit through various legal executions. A blockchain attorney is approached for giving assistance to the company heads regarding legal matters and referring to other upcoming legal issues. In India, the expected national average salary of a blockchain legal consultant is ₹17,26,132.


Blockchain Security Architect

Security is a very pivotal issue when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain networks. This brings the need for blockchain security architects whose main task is the development of systems that would guarantee security to the firm and the service users and save them from becoming victims to cheating and fraud practicers. 


Those who want to apply for this post should be well aware of the issues concerning the security of the cryptocurrency, possible threats, managing risks, and diminution. Apart from these, a blockchain security architect should also be smart enough in coming up with top security implementation for increased protection. ₹1,40,811 is the national average salary of the blockchain security architect in India. 


Blockchain engineer

Next to the blockchain legal consultant job is blockchain engineer. It is another highest-paying blockchain job an aspirant can apply for. Those who are interested in taking this job must be familiar with the role they would be tasked with. In this job, a person is accountable for the creation and execution of many digital solutions for firms that rely on personalized needs. 


To qualify for this job, an aspirant should be well-acquainted with the deep knowledge of blockchain technologies. And should also be knowing about. The programming languages including C#, Python, Java, and APL the average salary of a blockchain engineer in India.  Range from Rs 500K to Rs 200K lakh per annum, depending upon the vast knowledge of digital ledger. 


Blockchain Project Manager

A blockchain project manager is also one of the lucrative blockchain jobs to consider with. Many blockchain-based firms and crypto companies have been searching for blockchain. Project managers to know and meet the technical requirements of the business. 


They are tasked with building several projects based on blockchain and curating. Them in such a manner that it would be possible for the general public to understand them easily. The average salary of the blockchain project manager in India ranges between Rupees 1.9 Lakhs to Rupees 6.5 Lakhs. The average annual salary is Rupees 4.8 Lakhs. 


Blockchain Web Developer

The next lucrative blockchain to apply for is a blockchain web developer. In this job, a candidate will have to perform the task of monitoring computing nodes that allows making transaction. The users, with no mandatory intervening of any third-party web developer, is expected to be equipped. The knowledge of programming languages React, JavaScript, Solidity, React, and Python. 


But his role does not end here. A budding blockchain web developer must also prepare himself with new programming to meet the needs of the industry. The average salary of a blockchain web developer in India would range around ₹801,938 per annum.


Final words

So these are the highest paying blockchain jobs that you need to consider.  If you want to make a smart career in a blockchain company but grabbing.  These jobs is not possible unless you prepare hard for it. What we mean is you should be having an in-depth knowledge of everything about blockchain technology including its functioning. 


Remember little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so do not leave any loophole when the recruiter will be asking. You anything about the blockchain so do your best and get your dream blockchain job for a shining career. Also, do refer to websites like Cryptoknowmics, in getting information about the companies dealing in crypto services

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