Trendy and attractive vape cartridge boxes to boost your business

custom vape cartridge boxes

Vaping is so much fun and a cool thing to do; that’s a collective stance of today’s generation. They love it, mainly because of its harmless credentials. One thing that is important for selling vapes is their packaging. A vape cartridge that is neatly packed and presented to the buyers enjoys big sales. Here is why custom vape cartridge boxes can help you build your vape brand.

Why is packaging so crucial for vapes?

There are several reasons packaging is essential for vapes. Here are some reasons why you should always opt for custom vape cartridge boxes.
It adds a characteristic look to your brand: Your custom vape cartridge box could be your brand’s distinctive identity. The style and design of the box would attract the buyers and make them ask for it. And, it will also make your brand stand out in the competition.

It will help generate profits: Believe it or not, vape cartridge boxes can help you increase your revenues. The customers would go for a vape brand that looks good, appeals to them, and is aesthetically pleasing. It will, in turn, boost your vape business.

Creates awareness about your product and brand: Through custom packing, you can create awareness about your brand and the product in general through more ways than one. You can print any information on the box. It could be information about your brand, its ingredients, for vaping, a word of caution about its side effects, and other such stuff. It imparts necessary information to the buyers and, in a subtle way, promotes your image in their eyes.

It works as a silent marketing agent: A custom box is not just a box; it is marketing your company’s name, its brand, logo, etc., by just lying on the shelf. It might seem superficial, but it is true. If your packaging is attractive and good enough, it will attract your target audience. The impression that it makes in a customer’s eyes can lead to ultimate sales, all due to the attractive packaging of the product.

How can you design an attractive vape cartridge box?

Now that we have established how essential custom boxes are for your business let’s start with how and what you can do to make the vape cartridge box more attractive.
Make sure that it is of the appropriate size: The box should be proportionate to the size of the product. It is not difficult to achieve. You can measure the size of your vape cartridge and then make a box that is neither too large nor too small for it. Don’t go for an overly-sized box to make it more prominent, nor make it too small to be barely noticeable. Moderation should be the key with the correct sizing.

Pick the material carefully: A vape requires protection and support. It is a fragile item and won’t be able to bear mishandling. Rigid cardboard would be a good choice for vape boxes. You can safely transport your vape anywhere if you are using rigid material. Also, Kraft sheet is rising as a material because of their eco-friendly nature. It is made of recycled material and will attract buyers concerned with environmental issues. Whatever material you select for your custom vape cartridge box, make sure it is durable.

Make room for vape accessories: A vaping device is likely to include its accessories as well. It may consist of a battery, coil, tank, and of course, the mouthpiece. Some manufacturers supply the vaping juice with the whole package. Whatever you are offering to the customers, make sure you have made appropriate room for it in your box. Use inserts in the package for such accessories. It should snuggle them into the box and present them as a complete package to the buyers.

custom vape cartridge boxes

Utilize different print coatings: Gone are the days of plain and bland printing options

There are plenty of coating options that you can print on the boxes. They look good and, in some instances, also increase the box’s durability. You can opt for UV and AQ coating, gloss, or matte coating, as you desire. They will make your package stand out in the market.

Use striking color combinations: What is life without colors? For any packaging, color is of paramount importance. It is the first thing that a buyer notices, and often it is the color that can also become the deciding factor in going for the product. For vape, use colors wisely. They should reflect the character of a vaping device. What colors could attract a vape user?

Please give it a premium look: In the end, we suggest you do whatever in your capacity to make the whole packaging give off a plush feeling. It should look and feel upscale. The buyer of a vaping device is usually a well-to-do young man with refined tastes. He would support a vape packaging that looks luxurious and premium. It will pay you off in the long run.

For making every kind of vape custom package, may we suggest a manufacturer named Fast Custom Boxes? It is a quality supplier of several custom boxes that includes vape boxes. You will love their personalized service, attention to detail, adherence to quality, and above all, unbeatable economical price. You will get 3D mock-ups of your boxes before delivery and their turnaround period is super short too. Do give them a try.


That pretty much concludes our topic on custom vape cartridge boxes. We hope this product information will help you choose your packaging wisely when you look for custom boxes for vapes. Invest your time and money in the packaging, it is a worthy investment, and it will pay you off in the long run.



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