Tricks to Brew the Best Kratom Tea From Powder

Kratom tea is a popular beverage among kratom lovers. Yes, it’s easier and quicker to swallow a kratom capsule or toss and wash some powder; yet sipping hot kratom tea is a unique experience. You ought to have this tea once in a while. 


Kratom in Maine is available at your nearest vendor. To make tea, you need to buy kratom powder. Although tea is made from fresh leaves or from dried, crushed leaves, people find it easier to get this herb in powder form. 


Many people complain that kratom is bitter in taste. This is one of the main reasons they avoid taking tea. They would rather prefer capsules. 


Well, here are a few tricks to make the best kratom tea and to mask its bitterness in a manner that your tastebuds enjoy only the tea.  


Trick to make the best tea

When you boil kratom powder or leaves with water, its alkaloids lose some of their effectiveness. So, the best thing to do is boil the water for tea separately. Then, add the hot water to kratom powder, which you have measured as per your dose, and put it in a cup. This brings out the flavor and the effectiveness of the tea. 


Also, to make the best tea, ensure you have the freshest and purest kratom powder. Buy only from authentic vendors having GMP certification. Search for “kratom near me” for best buy. 


The trick to combat kratom’s taste in tea

Kratom’s alkaloids in concentrated form show their bitterness more. The tea could become unpalatable even. Add more water to the tea. About 2-4 cups per dose of powder is a good amount. However, you must finish off all the tea. You don’t want to waste your kratom, do you? 


Trick to add more flavor to kratom tea

Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to kratom tea. Add some honey or sugar to the tea. Mix well. This makes for a terrific taste. You will love every sip of lemon and honey kratom tea. Moreover, lemon adds as a potentiator, so be ready to enjoy greater effects. 


Want to get an energy kick, relaxation, pleasure, and calmness, all packed in one? Try Gold Vein Kratom Powder for making tea. Gold strains are called “hybrid” kratom because they are made from a combination of two or more strains. They contain a few of every strain’s characteristics. 


Precaution while having kratom tea

Drink plenty of water when you take kratom. This applies to taking kratom in any form. Your liver and kidneys must work hard to break down this herb. So, keep yourselves nicely hydrated throughout the day to avoid burdening your liver and kidneys and to enjoy kratom effects to the fullest. 


If you are looking to use kratom for mood, try brewing tea. The very act of putting your feet up and sipping hot tea triggers a happy mood. 


Kratom tea has been an integral part of Southeast Asian culture for ages. This herb is now helping people in the West find their well-being. 


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