UAN member portal: Function, benefits, and uses

UAN member portal

UAN or Universal Account Number is a twelve-digit number allotted to every representative adding to EPF. This is formed and allotted by EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) and validated by the Labor & Employment ministry, Indian Government. Each time you switch your job or work, EPFO allows another part of the identifiable proof number, also called the EPF account, which gets connected to UAN. Being a worker, you can place a solicitation for another part ID by presenting a UAN for new business.

When your part ID is generated, it is connected to your UAN or representative. As an outcome, UAN goes about as an umbrella for various member IDs allocated to workers by different managers.

UAN member portal

E sewa entry is considered a one-stop asset for meeting the EPF demands and to use administration on the web. You can discover a wide range of data regarding your provident fund commitments and complete some exercises such as checking PF balance and pulling out PF sum through the UAN member portal.

Any association having an excess of twenty workers is required to go via EPF universal account number enrollment online process as the law directs. Enlistment set-up involves a secret word as well as a special client ID to get entrance and highlights. Gateway through which you get to your EPFs using UAN is known as EPF sewa entrance.

Benefits and highlights of Universal Account Number

  • UAN helps with unifying representative info in the country.
  • Perhaps the major employment of this exceptional number is it cuts down the weight of work confirmation from businesses and organizations by EPF association.
  • The record made it possible for EPFO to unfasten the ledger subtleties and the KYC of part and KYC without the help of businesses.
  • It is useful for the EPFO to follow distinct occupation switches of workers.
  • Early and unfavourable EPF withdrawals have diminished astonishingly with the presentation of UAN.

How can you check your UAN status?

Interaction to check for your UAN provident fund status is straightforward. When you sign in to the UAN entry, under the important links section, click on the option to know your UAN (Universal Account Number). You can do so by entering any of the subtleties; Member ID, PF number, Aadhaar number or PAN.

Services offered by the UAN member portal

UAN login for the employer and employee is important to access the UAN member portal and avail services offered by the site. With this portal, employees can simply download or view passbooks and even update information. On the contrary, employers can assess the activities and maintain a record in their accounts accordingly. Portal offers a more consolidated record of activities into EPF accounts.

After logging in through the UAN and the password, you can do the listed:

Download passbook and the UAN card.

View member’s ID and provident fund linking status.

View the status of transferred claim, the file claim and review system generated transfer claims.

Edit your mail ids as well as mobile number

Update KYC documents and even upload them

View helpdesk contact numbers

Registering UAN

Some of the simple steps must be followed when registering the UAN:

  • Approach the EPF member portal
  • Activate your UAN by clicking on the option ‘Activate UAN’
  • Provide info about your member ID, UAN, mobile number, PAN, name, Aadhaar, email ID, date of birth.
  • Click on the option ‘get authorization PIN’ for the PIN. It will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the PIN for verification of your request.
  • Create the username and password on the UAN member portal.

How can you activate your UAN?

After you generate the UAN and PF member, follow the below steps for activating your UAN:

  • Approach the EPFO site
  • Visit ‘Our service’ option and choose ‘For employees’
  • Then, navigate to the option ‘Member UAN or Online Services’
  • Once redirected, enter all asked data – UAN, PF member ID and mobile number
  • Enter in the Captcha
  • Click on the option ‘get authorization PIN’
  • Choose the option ‘I agree’ and then place in the sent OTP
  • Once done, you will get the password to easily access your UAN member portal and check your EPF passbook.

UAN benefits for employees

  • Less employer inclusion in PF withdrawal: With the UAN, employer inclusion has now been lowered as PF of the old company is usually transferred to the new PF account once the KYC verification is done.
  • Fund transfer not needed: Employees are required to provide their UAN details as well as KYC to the new employer, & the old PF gets transferred to the new PF account once verification is complete.
  • Managed easily through the SMS alerts: Employees get the SMS whenever any contribution is made by the employer after registering on the UAN portal.

How does UAN make it simple to transfer or withdraw funds?

When an employee switches his organization, he can either transfer or withdraw his funds. However, as the entire procedure is tedious, generally, people avoid using their PF. With the launch of UAN, this task has become simpler in the listed ways:

  • You can link your PF accounts together with the allotted UAN.
  • Must give your UAN to the employer, and you can easily manage your PF account online after verification of the KYC.
  • You get the monthly update on mobile on deposits made by the employer in a PF account.
  • Employer’s intervention is very less in provident fund accounts linked with UAN.
  • As UAN simplifies the linking process of all the PF accounts, thus the withdrawal is less.

How has UAN made it simple to manage the EPF?

UAN can be useful in managing your provident fund account in the listed ways:

  • UAN is portable or handy throughout the employee’s career. Just by giving your PF account and UAN details to the chosen organization/employer, you are good to go because all the old accounts are generally linked to a single UAN.
  • You can easily download the UAN card by registering at the EPFO member portal.
  • Scanned KYC documents can get uploaded by an employee on a portal, and employers can verify the same.
  • UAN even can assist in monitoring the transfer claim on the EPFO portal
  • Using the UAN, you can check the provident fund balance simply by downloading the passbook from the EPFO’s site.
  • UAN offers hassle-free maintenance of provident fund accounts because withdrawal is not needed owing to universal linking of the PF accounts.

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