5 Voice SEO Strategies That Keep You Ahead in Competition

Voice SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization is getting more complex day by day and as an SEO marketer, you need to have advanced techniques to thrive online. As more people are coming online to browse, shop, and interact online, voice search is going to dominate in the future.

Apart from standard SEO practices, to gain an edge over the competitors, you need to optimize for voice search and attract more customers. In this article, we will have a look at the top advanced voice SEO strategies that you can apply to improve your brand visibility.

Be it a service company or an eCommerce site, voice search can bring a drastic change in the overall organic traffic of your site. If you are new to this practice, we have got you covered.

Optimize your Google My Business

Google pays a lot of attention to your brand’s GMB profile and it’s helpful for customers also as they can reach you easily. Many voice search results are being fetched from the GMB listings and that’s why you need to keep the listing accurate and updated.

If you have changed any of your business details, make sure you update your GMB so that Google can return the correct details in voice results.

Schema markup for website

Schema markup helps the search engine bots to scan your site faster and index the content in an efficient way. For optimizing your site for voice search, make sure you implement schema markup on your site. Along with the default schema markups, also optimize the on-page structure of content using various HTML tags. You can opt for the suitable SEO packages as well where you can find schema markup activity.

Use headings tags, bullets, listing tags, and more wherever they are required. This is because most of the search results are fetched from such listicles. The reason behind this is quite simple— the listicles are written in a very precise and accurate way. That’s why it becomes much easier for bots to read out the short information to solve the user’s query.

Focus on the website’s speed

Website speed is a crucial step or you can call it a smart strategy to optimize your site for voice search. The mobile voice-search users are actively looking for voice results and for that, your site needs to be mobile-friendly and fast.

On average, a good website loads in less than 3 seconds, if your site is loading in more than three seconds, you need to minify resources to boost the speed. Use any free tool like Google Site Speed Insights to check the overall performance on both desktop and mobile versions.

As per Google’s latest update, website speed is also a major ranking factor and no online business owner can ignore this element. Focus on improving the website speed on mobile devices as it will improve your odds of coming into the voice search results.

Change in content strategy

As per Google, more than 41% of the people feel that they are talking to their friends while using voice search results. Here, you need to understand the fact that your content should be an interactive tone that would showcase the answers to a question in a straightforward way.

Before writing new content, do content research on the web and search for popular questions that people are searching for regarding your topic. Try to include as much as relevant questions as possible and explain them in a comprehensive way.

Organize the content using H2 and H3 or H4 heading tags and if your page has a FAQ section then the chances for ranking on voice results increases even more. While creating content, focus on targeting long-tail keywords that users are searching on the web to search for answers. You can use any tool to extract high-performing long-tail keywords or you can get them from Google at the bottom of the search results.

Keep the content structure short

Long-form content is still the king and it will remain the same for the upcoming time. But for optimizing the content for voice search, make sure you are keeping the sentences shorts and paragraphs precise. This will bring you two benefits— first better voice results to the users and your content may also rank for rich snippets.

If you have an FAQ section on your site, make sure you optimize the answers with long-tail keywords so that it can satisfy the users’ search intent. The FAQ is one of the main sections from the voice search results being fetched. If someone has asked some question on your GMB listing then, you can also include that question in your FAQ as it will rank much faster.

These were some of the most powerful and useful tips to optimize your website for the voice search to thrive online. These voice strategies, used by most of the SEO Resellers, will definitely keep you ahead of the competition and help you gain more visitors from the voice traffic.

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