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Deltateamet AB is a company that’s been around since 2002. We’ve had plenty of time to get good at cleaning customer premises, and we’re experts in making sure your place looks it’s absolute finest when you return from vacation or business trips.

We have a long-term relationship with our clients and provide them with high-quality artistry. We build trust by working together for their cleaning needs, drawn up in an outline, including what must be cleaned every time or frequency at each location.

Städhuset i Deltateamet AB erbjuder högkvalitativ kontorsstädning i Stockholm till mycket förmånliga priser. Kontakta oss idag för kostnadsfri offert!

We take care of the customer and their property, and ourselves. If our staff are happy, they’ll stay with us, which creates stability in both aspects.

Special Cleaning – General Cleaning

If you want to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for your employees, they must be constantly reminded of the importance of these standards.

This could be done through annual cleanings or by having them sign out when leaving work so there will always be records if something were ever wrong with someone’s health after returning home.

A major overhauling refers to physical improvements and those made on paper systems like HR policies- this allows businesses more control over how much branding affects their office look & feel without needing expensive redesigns every single time new furniture comes around.

What does your house need? We can take care of everything from cleaning toilets to vacuuming up crumbs in the kitchen.

Vacuum and wipe down of fittings, valves moldings joining pieces together. Wipe walls with a wet cloth to remove any dirt or dust that may have settled on them during the day before you start your cleaning routine for today’s appointment at-home care services.

Wash all textiles items such as carpets mopping floors alongside moisture drying if needed.

Moving Cleaning

We are experts at handling the many steps of moving cleaning. We’ll help you who need to leave your premises for someone else or want it clean and fresh when moving in or after a rebuild/renovation.

Floor Care

The moment you step into a company that has taken all aspects of its cleaning seriously, it’s clear. The air smells better than ever, and there is an end to the stress associated with breathing in other people’s pollution for hours on end every day/

Cleaner is an essential part of any business, and when they do their job well, the entire environment benefits. The desks are dusted off; windows cleaned to remove toxins from indoor air pollution while toilets get stocked with toilet paper for everyone’s use–it just feels good.

A company’s floors are its first line of defense against dirt, germs, and viruses. To keep them that way, you should consider hiring professional cleaning services at least once per month or when necessary because lackadaisical housekeepers won’t do enough for your cleanliness.

Graveling your store’s floors will significantly decrease their life, so invest in office cleaning to keep it looking its best.

Window Plaster

We’re the only people who can get your home or business cleaned up after a natural disaster. We do all sorts of projects, from flooding to fire damage restoration – no job is too demanding for us.

We have the skills and resources to handle any cleaning job, big or small. Our environmentally friendly methods will keep your home healthy while we work efficiently so you can relax in peace.


Our efficient pick-up and wash service is the best way to keep your carpets looking their very most refined. You can focus on more important things than worrying about entrance mats when you rent them from us.

Hostess Services

We have the perfect hostess services to make it a success for any occasion. Our clients are always happy with a review of customer service and planning sessions tailored specifically for you.

We offer everything from cooking meals or making drinks at your party venue; to floral arrangements on-site while they’re still fresh (or DELIVERED) so people don’t forget about them after arriving – even help cleaning up afterward if needed too!. Let us do all that hard work by providing these excellent amenities only professionals can provide scalpels we’ll take care of.


Why not give your workers some fresh fruit to help them stay healthy and happy? We offer many different baskets with delicious treats, such as apples or oranges. Our goal is that everyone enjoys their time at work.


If you need your office cleaned, checked for dust, or repaired, we can do it! We come to you at whatever time works best. Every day of the week if needed too – just let us know when things are busy so that our staff knows what schedule they should be on in case any delays arise from unexpected circumstances.


To keep a new workplace, it is essential to have all hygiene items in place. These include toilet paper and kitchen scrubbers for kitchens with dishwashers or pans that need cleaning after use; soap at hand-level accessibility (not attached) so employees can wash their hands when they see fit – this includes avoiding passing germs around through touch! In hard times alcohol works well as an extra layer against skin infections.


We offer a range of services that help to improve well-being and creativity in any workplace. Our team enables you to find your inner inspiration by providing natural settings with water as our partner for creating an immersive experience.

We endeavor towards helping businesses promote increased vitality through collaborating on projects based around nature’s contributions so they can be at their most productive selves while also feeling connected – physically AND emotionally.

Curtin Washing

Come down on Friday and up Monday. The air will smell good; you’ll be able to breathe easier! In our curtain service, we pick up your curtains then take them down again with a healthy dusting for good measure – so each piece returns where it belongs at the end of every job, working alongside its buddies so that everything looks perfect as usual.

Quality & Environment

The operations of Deltateamet AB will contribute to a better environment by providing the right cleaning quality so that it pays attention to both ecological cycle and ergonomics.

We want to ensure that all of our employees are well trained and have the necessary skills for success. This means providing a work environment where people feel fulfilled challenged daily with new opportunities as they arise in their field while still being given room University on how they can grow professionally outside this business world.

Deltateamet AB erbjuder ett brett tjänsteutbud för företagskunder med hög kapacitet och en gedigen kunskap inom städservice.

To create success at every level within your organization – from day-to date operators right up through management levels.

Office Cleaning With Cleaning Energy

When the office is clean, its employees are more productive, and satisfied customers will return. By letting professionals in cleaning handle your space for you, whether that means an on-site team every day or weekly visits with vacuum cleaners across different surfaces – you can focus on what matters: running a successful business.

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