Why is my Canon printer not printing when the ink is full?

The issue can be fixed through a quick firmware update. This will install the proper drivers that may affect the printer. Canon is a respected Japanese company that has a presence in scanners, printers, as well as medical equipment. Canon has affiliates across the globe and is known for making premium products. However, as with any electronic device, you will have issues occasionally.

The causes for different Canon problems with printing on mx922.

  • Paper jam
  • Older drivers
  • Issues with the print head
  • Internet connection problems
  • Head problems with cartridges

How to fix it

How do I print papers

Depending on the way you load your paper, you could encounter a jammed paper. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you load your papers in a way that you flip them multiple times. This will prevent the paper from sticking together and creating paper jams. It is also important to make sure you align the edges correctly and ensure that you don’t exceed the paper limit.
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When you load the paper, place them on their front side to ensure they are aligned with the marks. Additionally make sure to load the printing paper with the print side facing to the left.

Before loading your papers, make sure there aren’t curled edges. Verify that you are using the right size paper to fit your printer. The insides of the cassette frequently to get rid of any dust particles. Also, prior to printing, be sure that the cover on the tray is sealed completely.

It is equally important to take good care of your cartridges. It is not recommended to rupture the seal on the cartridge unless you plan to use the cartridge in the near future. This will prevent the head of the cartridge from getting clogged. Always ensure that you buy the correct cartridge for ink. There are several third-party companies which sell cartridges for ink and, at times, they sell ink that is not of the highest quality and could harm your printer. Choose from trusted dealers.

Results that are not satisfactory

The signs of this are blurred lines, white streaks and irregular coloration. If this occurs it may be because your settings for media do not match the type of paper or the size. The wrong paper type settings could affect the quality of color for your photo print. Incorrect paper type settings could cause the printing surface to scratch. To fix this, adjust the settings for paper type.

For blurry and uneven colors make sure you’ve chosen the correct print quality option. You can increase the quality and observe if the print quality improves.

Printer fails to print until the end of the job

It is possible to choose to not use a compression software before printing your work. This could drastically alter the final outcome. It is done by going to print options and then selecting Page setting. Select Do not permit software applications to compress the print data Once you have done that, click OK.

Sometimes, the issue is due to printing an enormous amount of paper. It is possible to adjust this by entering the page setup and then clicking on Prevention of data loss in printing and then turning the tab to turn it on. If this option is activated, you might experience a decrease in print quality. Also, make sure you have enough storage space on your hard disk.

Printer is not responding

Although the Canon MX922 is a great printer, it can malfunction from time to time. Paper jams are the most common type of troubleshooting for all printers. Make sure that prior to using your printer, there is nothing blocking the tray. Examine the output and input tray for any small objects.

The cartridges you use for ink are designed to serve you for a period of time , and then be necessitated of refilling. If your printer is unable to print, the cause could be due to a lack of ink within the cartridges. You will receive notifications about low levels of ink within your system. If you have inks that are empty however you’re not printing, you might want to examine the connections to your cartridge. The printer head is typically the culprit because it could stop printing when there is any kind of blockage.

Troubleshooting a printer MX922 that isn’t printing wirelessly

Sometimes, the reason that you’re unable to print wirelessly is that your router transmits an insufficient signal. This could be the result of a variety of factors, such as the time of day you use your router, it being peak season or your printer’s connection to your computer not being aligned. For a solution –

    • Check to see if you’ve switched on all of your devices, including printers computer, router, and printer
    • If they’re running, you can turn them off in a single step.
    • This will bring back some of the drivers, and you should be capable of printing quickly
    • It is also possible shifting the printer to the access point.


If your printer isn’t working from its bottom tray, you could try restarting it to determine if the software for your printer can fix the issue on its own. If this doesn’t work attempt to update your printer driver. Also, examine the printer’s trays to see if there are evidence of obstruction.

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