Why you Should Use Custom Mailer Boxes?


If your brand is the time asking for constant delivery and shipping, then using the mailer box packaging is something that is our top recommendation. Among so many different types of box packaging designs, mailer boxes are something that is not just unique but even looks secure for the product to get into safe shipping. There is a wide range of benefits of using the mailer boxes for the product display which we are about to discuss right below with you.

Light in weight

The reason why mailer cases are used for transportation purposes is just that they are easy for carrying around from one place to another one. They are commonly used in warehouses and in factories. But the use of mailer boxes is also getting common for sending valuables or gift items.

These mailer boxes are also used for protecting the items at the time of shipping from one place to the other one against any crack.

Safe to transport

Another best thing about the mailer packaging is that they are so much safe enough for the transportation of the items. You can easily have your item get the ship in any size and shape according to your requirements.

Mailer boxes have the cardboard sheet layering on the top with which you can easily have your product get safe from any crack or damage at the time of shipping. They are extremely robust in the overall design.

No external packaging

In addition, if you are using mailer wrapping for gifting things, then these boxes are added with the external packaging which is the fancy one on the exterior side.

You can customize them into the cardboard design as well according to your design preferences and shapes. This is how the whole beauty of the mailer boxes will work for you. As the mailer boxes are already fancy in design so there is no need to spend extra money on the fancy wrapping of the box.


This is one such box packaging design that is used even by small-scale companies as well. You will find it so much more affordable and stand in accordance with your budget as well. Thus, this has been one major benefit of the mailer boxes you can take advantage of. These mailer box packagings are also used for protecting the items at the time of shipping.

They ship it from one place to the other one against any crack. Prices will definitely vary around. It will vary on the basis of the material which is used in the manufacturing of the mailer boxes.

Available in various sizes and shapes

Furthermore, you can also have the mailer boxes to be available in a diversity of shapes and sizes as well. This will probably leave you with options where you can use the custom mailer boxes for any product packaging. You just have to let the dealers know about what sort of mailer box you are looking for.

Easy to label

You can also have the mailer boxes to get into the modification for the perfect branding of your company. Try to add the box with the name of the brand and the logo. In this way, more and more customers can interact with you without any hassle.

Swift printing

Well, swift printing is one such benefit for the companies who are in the business of mailer boxes. You can easily print any sort of information over the box design according to the demand of your customer.

Customize it in your own way

You have the full freedom in which you can add the mailer boxes wholesale into any of the designs which you wish to have. Add it with the desired colors or even print it in any of the styles you want to. This is how you can get into direct communication with all your new customers.

What type of Custom Mailer Boxes you can Use for your Daily Purpose?


Hence custom mailer boxes are made from different materials in which we have paperboard, recycled, or fiberboard. Let’s talk about different types of mailer boxes for you to pick the best one of your choice:

  • Corrugated fiberboard is based on the coverage of one or two different flat linerboards. It has been all encased into the fluted form of corrugated sheets. This box is available from paper material. This makes it best to be available for transportation or packaging purposes. Its corrugated sheet or the linerboard is derived from the use of containerboard which is a paper-like one.
  • Next, we have a paperboard mailer box. They are around 0.01 inches thicker as compared to the paper. Paperboard is available in the form of single-ply or they are also available in the form of multi-ply as well. They are quite light in weight and are easy for you in terms of formatting and cutting. Being the stronger ones, you can hence easily use them for packaging purposes.
  • The coverage of recycled custom mailer boxes is all created through the use of cardboard packaging material. You can easily get it from the residential household. It is most probably chosen by the companies who are part of the industry in packaging the good items. It is quite a lot easy to recycle different forms of recycling cardboard packaging. This is all performing as straight away from the food products as compared to the plastic.
  • Shipping custom mailer boxes for sale are another most common type of packaging box option. They are readily available either through the paperboard or even through the use of corrugated cardboard. It is hence all carried out with the non-bending form of the paperboard. This makes it so much more effective to use for mailer boxes packaging products. They are hence a little expensive in price as compared to the folding cartons. Plus, they are often best for the sake of gift boxes or even for high-ticket items.

So these have been a few of the major benefits which you can get from the wholesale mailer boxes to add your product with the best display on the shelves. Find something which is attractive and should be in accordance with the customer’s needs. Go for it now!

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