5 Activities Parents can do With Their Child

Transition to secondary school could be a difficult phase for a child. They would be entering into a new level of education, and the environmental factor would play a massive role in all of this. So as parents, it becomes essential to ease up the change and make it smoother.

Entering Secondary school is more like taking the first step towards advanced learning and dealing with mixed emotions. Also, the challenges are unique for each learner. For instance, ex-pat parents moving to foreign countries like Dubai might feel that entering into a new secondary school might be exceptionally hard for their child, but selecting the best international school in Dubai is not the endgame. You do not want your child to enter the school the first day and find themself clueless.

While most Dubai Secondary schools accommodate essentials to help a new child gradually adjust to more unique opportunities and challenges, as a parent, it is undoubtedly essential for you to prioritize specific ways that will contribute to a seamless transition of your child.

So here are 5 Activities that parents can do to make things easier:

Get on a School Tour:

Getting a tour of the school campus before the exact first day of your child would be a wise decision. You can meet with the faculty and discuss the potential differences your child might face and how to overcome them. It is best to have a fair idea about your child’s challenges to support them when they need you. More so, the best chance you would get is to visit the campus for orientation and understand the whole structure.

Helping Them Form Social Relationships:

If you are ex-pat parents who have recently moved to Dubai, you need to help your child strengthen their social skills. Entering a Dubai secondary school might be hard for them when your child has no old friend from their previous school. So, it can help interact with people slowly and find like-minded people.

You need to help them understand the sanctity of the environment and think before speaking. Every country has some rules and so would the schools. So they should not feel intimidated and give themselves the time to adjust to the surroundings and be friendly.

Help them become more Independent:

Secondary schooling means a step towards growth and a time to taste independence in all respects. When your child was in primary school, their world revolved around listening to the orders of their parents and teacher to do their homework and other stuff. But in the present, they will have to practice independence to modify their planning schedule.

If they are still dependent on you for schedule planning, try to break their habit and encourage them to be more self-dependent. It is not just about school life but, in general, motivating them to become more self-reliant.

Help them explore Extracurricular Activities:

Extracurricular activities are a great way to explore newer potential and skillsets. In a new school, your child might get better exposure to activities and clubs, making them form partnerships and explore more skills. So ask your child which extracurricular activity they would like to try? So, you can encourage them to move out of the rut of academics and find out a more creative side of their personality.

Help them with Time Management and Set Boundaries:

Time Management is a significant aspect in a secondary school as assignments, exams, tests, and homework will only increase. But as mentioned above, encourage your child to figure it out on their own. If they have trouble managing many assignments, talk to a counsellor or instructor in school who could advise better.

As boundaries are concerned, growing age means curiosity at its peak. So, setting ground rules like staying out, going to parties on a school night, etc., must be communicated. Give your child the freedom they need but do not let them take advantage of that liberty.


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