Backup and Recovery

Backup and recovery service protects your organization’s network from malware and virus attacks. Small and medium  enterprises (SMBs) face a variety of data loss risks, but disaster preparedness requires a deep understanding of policy-based tools. In addition, backup processes enable your business to recover more efficiently and sustainably. We are the official distributors of PARAGON (Protect & Restore), so all you need to contact now is Absolute Solutions.

Transferring data from one point to another is one of the organization’s main needs, but portable devices such as USB and hard drives.

Paragon Backup and Recovery is a process of duplicate, lost or damaged or corrupted data, or archiving this data, or other secure method or other secure payment. Ideally, this backup copy (usually an abridged image), is a site category and Cloud based Technology Solutions that automatically, and support the process.

What is the difference between a backup copy and a return?

The big difference between a backup copy and finding a backup process is a way to backup and protect your production data and keep it safe in case you need it later.

Restore the process of taking this backup data and restoring it to the production system to avoid downtime.

It includes a reliable backup copy and quick recovery to ensure business continuity and business viability.

What is a backup copy of the disaster recovery?

In an organization, a disaster is a catastrophic event that negatively affects employees or data. Events can be natural-storm, for example, reducing data center. Or people who are like disasters can be people.

Disaster Recovery is the process by an IT organization that transfers recovery data. And increasingly, organizations are setting up a complete or complete backup of local content — Set up insurance or public cloud — you can get all the data up quickly in times of disaster.

Why do I need to make a backup copy and emergency recovery plan?

Data is important for organizations of all types and sizes. You need strong data protection and disaster recovery plans. This is to provide a crisis person with a guide to know who is doing what and how to get it back on track. The DR plan should include both people and processes and should serve as a guide for employees to follow when restarting their business.

Strict data protection and disaster recovery programs should always protect your data. When and after moving data from production systems to short-term and long-term storage. And with proper copy and disaster recovery plans, your data is always available when you need it.

Data is considered minutes, minutes, a few hours, days, or weeks, and the data needed to find a business, department, department, or agent. Customers will not be happy. There will be staff. And with the use of run sum, you can even stop the whole company. Active backup and restore of important data prevents all these situations.

Why is it important to back up and recover?

Data drives business and competitive profit. Therefore, backup and recovery are important. Strong backup and recovery techniques and technology solutions enable your business to:

Data Loss Prevention –

The consequences of data loss or data breach can range from frustrating to expensive. Companies are fined and may lose customer trust and product reputation. The main role of repair and recovery is to obtain important data on loss or damage.

 Repair work-

Considering disaster – Of course, the continuation of manufacturing companies involving ransomware attacks

 Maintain a Good Customer Experience-

Loss Customer Documents document the following business challenges: B. Customer satisfaction and revenue, as well as defined inconsistencies. Alternatively, you can get rich customer records, more customer loyalty, and as a result, higher profits

 Keep the employee productive

History Records-Data backup allows companies to create an archive of their business entities, and in some cases, industrial or administrative rules.

Although the development of corporate auditors differs from place to place in the Department of Justice, significant accounting and other financial records, acquisition, and easy access to tax reasons, and audit are essential to business operations.

Heart Reach-Storm, Cyber ​​Crime or System Failure Even if a failed or bad thing grows. By using solid backups and recovery strategies backed by appropriate technical solutions, organizations also claim they are extremely complex and can be weatherproof.

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