First Ride – Maintaining Your Car as A Beginner Driver

Buying a new car is a wonderful and rewarding experience. You experience a sense of freedom to be able to go anywhere you want to. It feels as though you can travel the world and see things in a way that you could not before.

Gone are the days when you would depend on Uber or local transport to take you places while, sometimes, adding hours to a simple commute. You can save so much money that you used to spend on commuting daily, making it a worthwhile investment.

When you get your first car you want to take care of it to the best of your abilities and rightfully so! Here are some steps you can take to maintain your car:

  1. Basic Malfunctions

As a beginner, with no prior knowledge of car maintenance, it can be confusing if your engine lights are going off. Understanding the meaning behind the engine lights is very important. If they are blinking, they could either be indicating a problem with the engine or maybe malfunctioning. 

You can check engine light diagnostic to make sure of your safety and know what may be wrong with your engine lights. It will tell you what is out of order in your car, and you can get it fixed accordingly.

  1. Monthly or Yearly Visits to a Professional

Monthly or yearly visits to a professional are very important. You can take your car to your nearest or trusted auto repair shop. You must get your engine oil readily replaced so that your car can function properly.

Often your transmission can mess up from over-speeding, so you must get that replaced to increase your car’s longevity and function. This can cause your cause to rumble which is very bad for the engine and wheels.

  1. Self Help

Not everything requires a professional’s help and there are some things you can do on your own. You can take a five-minute walk around your car to make sure all your mirrors are aligned. You can check yourself if your engine oil needs to be replaced or if your air filters are dirty.

The clean air filters help with the car’s smooth functioning while the engine oil replacement can give your car a whole new life. This will help you maintain your car’s “new feel” and smooth drive. These are quite easy and basic things that can be done at home.

  1. Tire Assessment

Keeping your car’s tires healthy is very important. Tires cost a lot and they are quite heavy on the pocket, so it is best to make sure to take precautionary measures to increase their longevity.

You can do this by getting your tire’s air pressure checked weekly from local gas stations. You can also make sure they are aligned while you are at it. Make sure that your spare tire, if you have one, also has the right air pressure.

These small steps can help you in the long term, in case of emergencies, and to maintain your car overall.

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