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Are you having car locking issues? Looking for locksmith Norcross or Atlanta locksmith? Well, it’s wrong to open someone else’s locked car with tricks but it is surely helpful for opening your locked car. The best way is to approach nearby professional locksmith services but if you are stuck in a remote place and have no other option you can surely try the below do’s and don’ts for opening a locked car. 

  • Keep tools handy according to the vehicle type. Basically, you will need two tools one to wedge the door to open it slightly and another to reach inside the car to unlock the car. Make sure you use special tools to avoid any possible damage to the car. Take care there is no tearing of rubber seals and scratches on the car door. Today many vehicles come with digital keys. In such cases, the door can be opened but it would be difficult to start the vehicle if the opener is left outside. Consider breaking the window as the last option as it would be bigger damage to the car. If you don’t have money to unlock the vehicle by paying the locksmith, all you can do is borrow money from a friend. This is so because breaking the car would be the most expensive thing. 


  • Using a ball, especially a tennis ball is one way of trying to open the locked car door. A hole is made on the top of the ball, placed on the keyhole, and pushed. The pressure of air helps open the car lock. In earlier days, a slim metal piece could easily open up the car lock with fewer efforts. But with technological advancement, this method has become outdated and is ineffective. 


  • Where a car has a pulling mechanism, it is possible to use a shoelace to open the car door. A small loop is made at one end and pushed inside the door to get around the lock. When the loop is stuck around the lock it should be pulled up to open the door.  This can be done with a cloth hanger as well. Straighten the hanger and make a hook at the end of the metal. Using any tools, be it a screwdriver, rod, or anything the main idea is to push the lock by making space. 


  • It is very important to locate the lock on the car. There are two unlock doors namely electronic and manual. The electronic is at the driver’s side door and a click on the driver’s side door opens all the doors. The manual buttons are on every door and opening any one of them opens all others. Using a professional lock picking tool kit is very handy and useful in such situations. A wedge inflated is used to open with the help of air quickly. There is no damage to the car and its paint. The tool is a bit expensive but very helpful.


  • Calling a car professional service provides or locksmith Norcross are the right people to approach to check on such issues. 

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