Is the Confluence Software Pricing Worth it?

Confluence Software

About Confluence 

Confluence software is a very popular option when it comes to project planning software. This software has so far helped thousands of businesses around the world manage their day-to-day activities as well as plan their major as well as minor projects. The software allows you to do your work effectively and allows you to saves time as well. The amount of time you would have spent on planning before is effectively halved with the help of Confluence software. 


In this piece, we will be telling you various details about Confluence software that will help you decide on whether or not this software would be right for you. We will discuss everything; from Confluence project management features to the Confluence pricing. So if you want to know more about this software then keep watching because we would like to tell you about it! 


Top Confluence Features

Templates to Make Planning Easy 

The templates feature in Confluence project management software is one feature you will often hear a lot about because it is a splendid feature. The feature allows you to choose a template that fits your needs for project planning. You can then input the details of your project into the template that already exists. What this does is allow for you to save time that would otherwise have been spent designing a template itself. The template in Confluence software is also further customizable which means you are able to make the template suit your needs instead of the other way around! All in all, this really is a great feature. 

Comments Features 

The comments feature in Confluence software is another feature that is often talked about by users in Confluence reviews. The feature allows you and your teammates to enjoy better collaboration with one another. The software has a comments section that allows you to add comments to the task card for colleagues. The software thus helps you to eliminate the need for a meeting or emailing colleagues back and forth. You can just add comments on the card and tag the relevant colleague. This is a great way to give feedback, suggest changes, and much more! The feature really allows you to better your communication as well. This really helps you bring in better practices which help you with teamwork! 


The next feature in Confluence project management software we want to highlight is the analytics feature. The software is great in how it allows you to analyze your work and performance. The software makes automatic analysis of the performance in terms of how the work is going. The software allows you to gauge how much work is done, the rate at which work is being done, and more. The software also warns you about whether or not you will be able to complete the work on time. The feature helps you look at your progress and much more. All in all, this is a great feature to help you with staying on track with your work! 


The next feature we want to highlight is the notifications feature. The feature allows you to keep on top of all your work. The feature helps you to get reminders for when you have any task which has a due date coming up. The feature also tells you about any comments a colleague or superior might leave on your work so that you can know about any feedback which you might need to know. The software really helps you keep connected to everything in terms of your project and work. The feature is a great way to help you make sure all your work is done since you are always aware of what is pending and what needs changing! 

Version History 

The version history feature might not seem important to you but the feature really helps you out a lot! The feature allows you to keep track of all your work and keeps a history and version of it stored on the software. So if you make changes, you can still go back and restore it to previous versions. So for example, if you have a current version of your project and your client is not happy with the changes, you can simply revert the project back to the last changes that the client liked and start from there. This feature hence really helps you to ensure you can always go back to a previous version. 

Confluence Pricing 

Confluence project management software has various payment tiers. The software has cheaper and more expensive versions which you can choose depending on what your needs are. The cheapest tier for the software costs about $10 and the most expensive version costs $30. The software really allows you to choose which version you want. The cheaper version has a lot of features as well but you can only unlock all the features that the software has to offer. 

Is Confluence a Solid Choice for You

If you are wondering whether or not Confluence project management software is right for you. We suggest you write down all the features that would be ideal for your business. This helps you to make sure that the software will match your needs. 


Another great trick to knowing whether or not the software is right for you is to read user reviews. Reading Confluence reviews by users will help you find out whether or not in a few year’s time you will like the software. Users talk about their long-term experiences with the software which will be helpful for you to understand whether or not the software will serve you well eventually!


We are sure your decision about this software will be the right one for your business! 

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