LED Lights and Where to Use Them?

From our childhood to our teenage days, we all, on an estimate, have seen a few thousand lighting ads or more. Be it the old incandescent tube light and bulbs ads or the more recent LED lights. We surely have come a long way in the lighting technology segment. Years earlier, we didn’t even know what part lighting played in our lives other than emitting light.

In recent times we have heard all about reducing bills, efficient lighting, auto-adjusting features, temperature controls when it comes to LED lights, and only a few years back, all these terms were alien terms to us. Well, as technology advances, so does everything else in any given segment. And since  LED lights have come into existence, they have worked efficiently in the literal sense as well as efficiently helped lessen bill amounts and have begun providing service for a longer time. Thus, it is natural that they have been gaining popularity off late and are replacing lights in every household and workplace.

LED lights are the lights that everyone needs, and so we have made a list of places where these lights can rise to the occasion and provide their service.

Places where LED lights would work like a treat

LED lights have a lot of benefits, and that makes them a suitable choice for being used at almost any place, be it office, home or outside environment. These are some of the places where LED lighting can make a huge impact/difference.

  • Industrial/Commercial use

A workplace is a place where LED lights fit in perfectly. LEDs are efficient and require less energy to work on, and also reduce the bill. Thus, a company would surely love to have them for these qualities. Other than that this light has a very long life and so the changing costs also are cut down.

LEDs give away 180-degree lighting, and so their light is spread evenly and effectively in the room. No light gets wasted by shaping up on the ceilings making them more efficient performers. The light also automatically shifts temperature and lighting conditions to match the outside environment, and thus that helps increase the productivity of the employees.

Not to forget that LED lights can work from higher distances and can face any weather conditions and so they can also be used in high-end warehouses or outside the company premises, and they will still deliver top-quality performance.

  • In the home

Be it under the cabinet or in the bathroom, or in your living room, an LED light can be used anywhere in the house. As the LED light in your office can help to make the employees more active, an adjustment in the temperature can make the lighting more suitable for a home environment which can help make a person fall asleep easily. The LED lights also cover up tight spaces, so the storage room or outdoor areas are also taken care of by using outdoor LED lighting.

  • As a Downlight in indoor conditions

LED lights cover your home and offices, but they don’t leave out any other indoor space as well. If an LED downlights is placed in the ceiling of any indoor setting, then it provides multi-directional focused lighting, distributing equal and good lighting throughout.

  • Decorative material for Christmas trees and other occasions

LED lights have also created a market for themselves in the decoration industry. Today these lights are covering Christmas trees and other places in the home on occasions like Diwali. LED coloured bulbs are making way to be used not only in homes but in cars, other vehicles and places where one could not even think of finding them.


The thing about trends is that unless it is on social media, we don’t get the hype going around us. But surely our parents can swear that all the lights in our home are LED lights. We don’t really pay attention around us, and so we may be forgiven for ignorance, but today we are truly experiencing the era of LED lights.

We are literally surrounded by them everywhere we go, and this is further proof of how these lights are taking the market by the horns.

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