Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam

Mathematics is a crucial subject for those interested in pursuing careers in Business Administration, Engineering, Statistics, Chartered Accountancy, and Economics. It is a subject in Class 12 that helps students acquire admission to reputable universities, even if they are not interested in pursuing a career in Mathematics related subjects. Before beginning test preparations, students should familiarise themselves with the main topics and the marks assigned to each of them according to CBSE syllabus and rules.


Students should solve all of the problems in the NCERT textbook, as it is the major source of questions in the board exams. It establishes a solid foundation in essential concepts and topics that are critical for exam success. Students can use NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths as it covers concepts like integration, differentiation, statistics, and others that will be continued in higher education classes.


The textbook is created by subject professors with extensive experience and knowledge of the subject. As questions from the NCERT textbook can appear in the board exams, students should thoroughly understand each idea. Before each exercise, several examples are presented to help students grasp how to solve complex problems efficiently.


What is the best way to prepare for CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam?

  • Students must choose the best reference material in order to learn crucial topics quickly.
  • It is necessary to practice the topics from the NCERT textbook on a daily basis, so that they grasp the chapters without trouble.
  • While learning new topics, they should take notes to obtain a better understanding of the formulae and theorems that are necessary for the exam.
  • After finishing the problems in the NCERT textbook, students should work on previous years’ question papers and practice papers.
  • The textbook contains sufficient practice problems for students to comprehend the questions that will be asked on the board exams.
  • Students’ logical thinking and analytical skills increase when they use NCERT Solutions to solve textbook problems.
  • The miscellaneous questions at the end of each chapter help students prepare not just for the board exams, but also for various competitive exams.
  • Solving previous years’ exam papers enhances students’ time management abilities, which are the most important factor in achieving good grades.
  • Revision of chapters should be completed a few weeks ahead of the exam to minimize last-minute blunders.
  • Doubts should be answered as soon as possible with the help of teachers, or various online learning resources.


Students can do well in their upcoming board examinations if they follow the advice given above. Mathematics is a subject that necessitates a great deal of intellectual understanding. Students can memorise important formulae and theorems with ease, if they practise regularly. Students following the CBSE curriculum can use NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths to quickly tackle challenging questions. The solutions are created by teachers with extensive experience in the subject area, and are tailored to the students’ learning skills.

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