Tosh Village – A Guide to Traveller

Tosh is located in the valley of Parvati in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, knowing where the village of Tosh is located, we can navigate our way easily to this quaint little hamlet. As this destination has gained favouritism by the tra

vel enthusiasts, ‘how to reach?’ part is no more a big deal to tackle with. You can drive your own vehicle assuming your starting point to be Delhi, as this is the main rendezvous point for most of the tourists. You can take the following route for the best experience and enjoy the journey along with your destination.

Delhi -> Ambala -> Chandigarh -> Bilaspur –> Sundernagar –> Mandi –> Bhuntar –> Kasol 

 After you reach Kasol, you can choose to explore this little hill station full of exciting activities and a pleasant environment. After Kasol, head to Manikaran, where you get to visit the popular Gurudwara and you can take a dip in the sacred hot spring to rejuvenate yourself. From Manikaran make your way toward Barshaini and then onward to Tosh. Reaching Tosh, you will find the end of the motorable road and you can park your vehicle at the base. Your remaining journey sets on foot by exploring the natural habitat of Tosh.

 Delhi to Tosh you will cover an entire distance of 538 km which will take around 12 to 14 hours of drive depending upon your pit stops. So, if you wish to retire at night in the Parvati valley, it is advisable to set out early in the morning from Delhi.

Reaching Tosh via Delhi by a Bus

 To reach Tosh village first you need to get to Bhuntar as there are several buses available for Bhuntar which is the closest destination to Toss. You can get a HRTC bus or board a private AC bus that goes from Delhi to Manali. You can get to ISBT Kashmiri gate in Delhi from where you will have many options of overnight buses departing daily. Get down at Bhuntar, from where you can either hire a taxi or get into another bus that travels locally towards Barshaini.

There are few buses that go up till Manikaran from ISBT Kashmiri gate. This would be a good choice if you want to take an evening bus as from Manikaran, Tosh is just 16 km away. However, the frequency of the bus is low so check online before you make plans.

Reaching Tosh from Barshaini 

As mentioned, the journey from Delhi to Bhuntar is covered by HRTC bus then followed by the local bus getting you to Barshaini. This is the last point till where the bus travels, beyond this you can either get a cab or choose to walk up till the base of the Tosh village. It is a mere 3 km distance from Barshaini. Taking a cab from Bhuntar is the best option as it will drop you at Tosh, otherwise you can go for local buses till Barshaini if you are travelling on budget.

Nearest airport to Tosh

 Bhuntar Airport is the closest one to the Tosh village. However, taking a flight to Bhuntar is not advisable as the less frequent flights tend to raise the price of the fare. If you still want to take a flight, then you can try for Mohali Airport in Chandigarh. This is your next best bet.

 Best Place to stay in Tosh Village

 Tosh is a destination where backpackers and solo travellers come to enjoy the solace and company of nature. So instead of finding a place in the centre of the village, go for the secluded spots in the heart of the valleys from where you can get the best of mountain views among the Parvati valley. There are several budget options of hostels, homestays and dorms which will cost you as low as 400 INR. If you want to experience the best of Tosh then some popular stay options are Pink Floyd, Bunker 11:11, Hotel 19 and Boom Shiva Café. Apart from this get to know the hill culture by staying with the locals in homestays. Everything is authentic about the homestays. Their service, the ambience, the food everything spells the culture of Tosh village. However, one thing you need to take into consider is the fact these places are far off from the roads that end at Tosh. You need to walk on the trails to get to these accommodations.

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