Unique Ways To Tie Shoelaces


Tying shoelaces is a difficult task for some people. If you don’t know how to tie shoelaces properly then it can cause a serious injury too because if your shoelaces are not tied properly then you may fall on the road while running or walking. Before each of our heads out to work or school or play we most all secure our shoelaces if we are wearing a shoe with laces.

Tying a shoelace is not only to ensure the proper fit of your shoe but can prevent an injury if secured properly. Shoes having shoelaces are quite attractive and it gives a perfect look and adds an extra wow look to your personality. If you are traveling or going hiking or jogging or any kind of activity which involves your physical movement, all these activities need a proper pair of shoes so that your foot can properly fit into it.

The reason why shoelaces were discovered is because of preventing your foot from injury and giving your foot a comfortable look while walking or running, etc. Shoes with laces give a perfect fit to your foot and a feeling of comfort. Many brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and many other brands too, offer shoes with laces to everyone.

Shoe-having shoelaces are for everyone, men, women, and kids. They come in a different variety of price ranges but if you find them expensive. Then you might delay your purchase. Worry not! as you many of these brands offer discounts to their customers. You can find active deals on the brand’s official website. If not you must look for shoe coupons at OffOnShoes, where you can get your hands on the active discounted deals.

Ways of tying shoelaces

There are several unique ways of tying shoelaces. You just need to learn some ways of tying a shoelace and then you can turn your ordinary look into a stylish look with FashionSaviour. Hidden knot, ladder, bushwalk, bi-color, footbag, hash, sawtooth, riding bow, double back, display, loopback, lattice, checkerboard, are some of the unique style names of tying shoelaces.

Ridding bow

This style is for riding boots, and for those who ride motorcycles. These types of shoelace styles are joined at the top and loosened near the ankle. It is tied in the middle of the shoe and zig-zag laces from both ends.  


This style is perfect for big sneakers and needs two series of laces with various nuances. This type of lacing offers you the possibility to easily slip into your shoes because the laces don’t make a knot. It is easy to tie and easy to untie because there is no knot. But it would be a bad idea if you choose this style of tying when you need to run or want to do some physical activity. Because shoelaces will get loosened easily. 

Double back 

It is a difficult style of tying shoelaces but holds very firmly. This style can be tied in two ways. One with hidden verticals at the bottom, the other with a visible crossover.


This style of tying locks both ends of the lace. It is an ideal style for skating and gives a perfect look. because the lower sections hold while tightening. And looks a bit like a huge zipper. Sports footwear or athletic shoes are designed especially for sporting activities like running, jogging, workout, tennis, etc. They are very much comfortable for daily wear as they are light in weight but heavier in cushioning. Running is a most intense sport and it requires more energy to run for a long time. For that running shoe is one of the types of sports footwear, which is best for runners. It has a better sweat-absorbing feature. That’s why these types of shoes more often come in shoelaces. 

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