What do you need to know while trading NASDAQ on Exness?

What do you need to know while trading NASDAQ on Exness?

NASDAQ is in popularity nowadays. Now it is the most popular index in many global companies. These companies are Google, Amazon, NAS 100, and TECH 100. Different traders in South Africa are also trading with NASDAQ through CFDs.

brokers are also working with NAFDAC. NASDAQ on exness is also using NAS100, and they use different features.

Many forex and CFD brokers in South Africa allow trading on NAS 100 as a CFD instrument with different spreads and features. Through CFDs, South African investors may trade the US Tech 100 stock index, which is based on various trading instruments. 


Trading in NASDAQ on Exness is regulated by the FCA, the FSCA, and the CySEC. Exness is a market maker broker that is based in London. For 1 Contract, it offers CFDs on the US Tech 100 index (USTECm) with a typical average spread of 4.2 pips per lot for 1 Contract and a margin requirement of 1 percent on the Standard account. Exness’s commission-based zero spread account type offers the lowest spread for the US Tech 100 index, at 1.5 pips per lot. Compared to other companies, Exness charges an above-average premium for this instrument.

With a minimum deposit of $1, the broker also provides a ZAR base currency trading account and accepts a variety of transaction gateways, including local bank transfers in South Africa.

 Exness Pros

  • It is authorized by FSCA that is forex broker in South Africa
  • It also supports email and lives chat
  • You can also open an account on ZAR base currency
  • Different platforms like MT4 and MT5 are also available.

 Exness Cons

  • You cannot access your phone number, but you can take help from the support service.
  • NASDAQ on excess does not have spread like other brokers



What is the minimum amount you can deposit while trading NASDAQ on Exness?

You can deposit $10 minimum if you don’t live in Vietnam, but if you live in Vietnam, you can deposit $15.

Why do I have a problem while withdrawing while trading NASDAQ on Exness?

You may not have enough funds. Try to close any open position and then request to withdraw. Also, enter your desired currency in the account as it may also show an error.

How many days does it take to withdraw from Exness?

All your information is available in Exness personal area. You can take withdraw 24/7. If you have not requested an instant execution, then it takes 24 hours to withdraw.


While trading NASDAQ on Exness, a user may worry about is it safe or a scam. But Exness is a legit platform. It is regulated, and transactions are transparent, low fees, and high-quality service. It is also considered the winner of the best broker.

Types of accounts in Exness are different for trader and commission base trades. Prices are also relatively different in this account.

Traders can benefit from a secure trading environment thanks to the availability of a diverse range of financial instruments and leading trading platforms tailored to meet their specific requirements.

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