What is fashion design and what functions does a fashion designer perform?

Fashion design is a discipline that requires creativity, innovation, tradition and technology. In this blog we will explain its meaning in addition to the main functions performed by a fashion designer. Do not miss it! In addition, you can specialize with our Pattern Making Course to turn your vocation into your professional future. What is  레플리카 사이트?

Fashion design is the activity that is responsible for designing and making clothing and accessories. To do this, the cultural and social influences of a specific period and time are taken into account. Fashion is not static and draws on numerous sources of inspiration from both the present and the past. Therefore, this discipline is not limited only to creating clothing. It is also part of an entire industry that impacts society every day.

Fashion designer

It is important for a fashion designer to be innovative and creative. And at the same time, have a great interest in clothing and accessories (shoes, bags, hats, glasses), as well as theoretical and practical knowledge. Well, he must know how to capture his style and express all his ideas through various fabrics, production materials, colors, etc. To finally define, plan, create and develop collections of clothing and accessories.

What should you know how to do?

  • A good designer should know about:
  • Design, that is, color, shapes, composition and textures
  • Drawing and expression of ideas
  • Textile fibers, fabrics, etc
  • Creation of molds and pattern making
  • Cut and confection
  • Sale of products and services
  • Business Management

What functions does it perform?

A fashion designer must also develop functions such as:

Define the key aspects to start the design. For example, knowing the profile of the client or target audience to whom the collection is directed. That is, age, style and price range.

Research the themes of inspiration, stay up to date with the latest trends and available textile materials. Well, they can visit fairs to obtain information about new fabrics and designs or even to contact new suppliers.

Define the concept of the collection and the main theme.

That is, the materials, types of pieces, sizes, accessories, etc.

Choose the textiles and colors that you want to use in the collection. Fashion designers work closely with textile designers as they have to choose different fabrics for each design.

Design and draw garments for each collection and define the outfits. Make design proposals, sketches and prototypes.

Create technical sheets and documents with the specifications of each garment.

Making the collection or supervising production, as well as solving doubts, solving any problem about cutting or sewing and controlling quality.

Participate in the creation of ideas for marketing and manage the launch of the collection. Together with the firm’s marketing and communication department, the distribution and launch strategies for the collection are defined. Normally, presentation events, parades, distribution of stores, contact with influencers, etc. are organized.

Obtain good communication with buyers, prescribers, the media, agencies, etc. Communication is essential to anticipate trends and adapt to the potential public and spread the work done.

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