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Karamat Ali is the Editor in Chief and a writer at IBtime.org. He has been writing for the blog since its inception in 2015. Karamat has a passion for writing about technology, business, and personal development. He is also helps people achieve their goals. Email: [email protected]

net worth

Why is knowing your net worth important?

What is Net worth? In simple terms, your net worth represents the summation of all your tangible and intangible assets minus your liabilities. By liabilities, any ‘debt’ in the form of loans (car loan, house loan, student loans, gold loan, etc), pending credit card payments, etc has to be subtracted from your total assets. By…

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Ankle Pain Treatment Manchester

Make Your Ankle Pain Treatment Manchester A Reality

If you’re suffering from ankle pain, you don’t have to worry about finding the right medical care. Many treatment options are available, including physical therapy and prescription pain medications. Physical therapy can help strengthen muscles in the ankle and prevent future injury. In addition to physical therapy, healthcare providers can also prescribe cortisone shots and…

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How to Get in Body Shape?

Many people decide that they want to get in shape. Some people are told to get in shape by their doctor. Other people want to improve their fitness levels, no matter the motivation, getting in shape can be hard. Decide When You`re Going to Exercise Work out when it`s best for you to do some…

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